Famous Actor Films UFO Chasing A Plane In Brazil

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Famous actor films a UFO aboard a plane

Brazilian actor Rodrigo Andrade has released video footage of a UFO captured on a flight between Rio de Janeiro and Campinas.

The images were recorded on 12 October 2013, but were only released this week due to witnesses fears of repercussions in releasing the footage 3 years ago.

The pilots contacted ground control to inform them of the unidentified object seen in the video, and were told that nothing could be seen on radar.

The UFO follows the plane for 25 minutes before completely vanishing.

According to experts the video is authentic.

The video made by actor Rodrigo Andrade showing an unidentified flying object (UFO) over a particular flight between Rio de Janeiro and Campinas (SP) is authentic and not an assembly, according to an analysis of the images made by a professor of communication State University of São Paulo (Unesp).

The image was posted by actor on Facebook, on December 31, 2015, and has been viewed more than 400,000 times until the afternoon of Wednesday (6). “We’re tracking an object here unidentified following our aircraft,” said the actor.

In the video, a bright object changes in size constantly and it does not appear on the radar of the aircraft and is not captured by the control tower of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), according to the pilot who commanded the particular flight that left the airport Santos Dumont with bound for Viracopos.

Sought by G1, the FAB did not report until the publication of this report if there was interference record in air operations on the date and times informed by actor Rodrigo Andrade.

Seeing the object, Andrade says he was intrigued by the image. “It was a light that was chasing our aircraft and it was a UFO, but a lot of people were confused, the passengers believing it were ets, but it’s a flying object that has not been identified,” he said.

“It did not appeared in the radar and could not be identify, it was like a light, it looked like a beacon, who kept changing the intensity, but it could be several things, I can not say what it was, but it was a light that did not seem to be a star or the moon and it last long. “

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