Fauci Boasted ‘mRNA Is Lethal to Kids’ in Newly Leaked Video

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Former National Institute of Health boss Dr. Anthony Fauci was caught telling his inner circle that mRNA vaccinations would help reduce the global population of children, according to insiders who reveal that children are front and center in the elite's plan for total global domination.

Former National Institute of Health boss Dr. Anthony Fauci was caught telling his inner circle that mRNA vaccinations would help reduce the global population of children, according to insiders who reveal that children are front and center in the elite’s plan for total global domination.

The world is slowly waking up to the fact that the elderly and infirm were targeted by the elite in a ruthless culling exercise during the plandemic, as phase one of the global depopulation project kicked into high gear and the world’s population was systematically reduced.

However, anyone who thinks they are only hellbent on culling the elderly needs to understand that they are much more twisted than that.

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These are dark days for the global elite and their handmaidens of carnage including Fauci and Bill Gates. The people are waking up, rising up, and even the mainstream media is starting to let the truth slowly leak out.

During the plandemic we were called “conspiracy theorists” and banned from social media for daring to question the official narrative and say the kind of things that are starting to find their way into the New York Times in June 2024.

But in the grand scheme of things when it comes to Dr. Fauci, that’s a drop in the ocean. Fauci is a psychopath who has pushed science into the realm of sadism.

The mainstream media is yet to report on his sickening torture of the elderly, who were euthanized in state-sanctioned murder during the pandemic.

Nor have they reported on his stomach-churning experimentation on dogs.

Freedom of Information documents obtained in January 2021 by the White Coat Waste project show that Fauci approved a $424,000 NIAID grant in 2020 for experiments in which healthy puppies were tortured and enclosed in cages with their vocal cords removed where sand fleas slowly ate them alive.

There is no possible excuse for such inhumane behavior. These are the acts of a criminal psychopath, drunk on absolute power.

Mainstream media have also refused to report on the mass graves which were found in New York containing the bodies of his “guinea-pig kids.” This is a truly horrific episode and I encourage everybody to watch and share our video about it to spread the word about Fauci’s crimes against humanity.

The man is the modern-day incarnation of Nazi Dr. Josef Mengele, the physician nicknamed the Angel of Death for his brutal experiments in Nazi death camps during World War 2.

Mengele conducted grisly and often fatal surgical experiments on children in a pseudoscientific quest to uncover the secrets of genetics.

The main point of difference between Mengele and Fauci is that the former NIH head’s victims number in the hundreds of millions, leaving Mengele in his dust.

The terrifying reality is that we do not yet fully understand the vast scale of Fauci’s crimes.

A bombshell new Oxford University study of more than 30,000 children found no benefit from Covid mRNA injections for children, exposing the vaccines as completely ineffective for this cohort.

This is shocking enough, but it gets even worse.

Children injected with mRNA gene therapy were found to be considerably less healthy than unvaccinated children.

The study found there was a 20% higher rate of all cause unplanned hospitalizations in children after the first injection compared to vaccine free children.

The harm compounds as more injections are administered. After a second injection, the combined rates of children that needed hospitalization that were vaccinated were significantly higher than the unvaccinated children.

This study conclusively proves that for children, the Covid vaccines were UNNECESSARY, INEFFECTIVE and UNSAFE.

mRNA has irrevocably harmed the health of a generation of children. Fauci and his cronies have the blood of hundreds of millions of children on their hands.

And we only know the short term adverse events. The medium term and long term adverse consequences of injecting this experimental substance in children’s bodies remains unknown.

All of the celebrities, politicians and bureaucrats that promoted injecting children will have to live forever with the catastrophe they were involved in, and should be out today offering formal apologies.

As for Fauci, apologies will not be accepted for harming the health of our children. We have proof that he knew exactly what he was doing.

There is a demonic death cult stalking humanity and preying upon our children and it’s time for the world to acknowledge this fact.

They want to get rid of the healthiest members of society and create hell on earth. In order to do that, they focus on people who represent hope, health, and happiness – our children!

Child sacrifice remains the ultimate taboo in civilized society yet the global elite are working behind the scenes to wage war on our children.

This revolves around using fear, control, and relentless propaganda to coerce people into accepting a global culture that leads the way towards godlessness, total enslavement, and a one world government.

In reality, the worship of Moloch, Baal, Sukkoth Benoth, Nergal, Ashima, Nibhaz, Tartak, and Adrammelek, and Anammelek never ended.

The religion of the occult elite is “dark” because it involves the most evil and depraved practices known to man. They are about dark rituals, blood sacrifices, and, most disgustingly, preying on the innocence of children.

In short, they’re all about satanism – in the truest sense of the word.

But there’s a deeper, spiritual dimension to these political aims. A core belief of the occult elite is about them becoming gods. It is the ultimate goal of all occult secret societies.

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