FBI Took Top Secret List Containing Names of VIP Pedophiles During Trump Raid

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It is one week after the FBI raided President Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate and the official narrative from the FBI and DOJ is still failing to add up. There is only one thing for certain when we are dealing with the Deep State — all is not as it seems.

It is one week after the FBI raided President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate and the official narrative from the FBI and DOJ is still failing to add up. There is only one thing for certain when we are dealing with the Deep State — all is not as it seems.

So what was the FBI really after? It seems based on the way the raid on Mar-a-Lago went down that they weren’t simply trying to pin a general charge on a president taking classified documents. Especially considering it was within his rights to do so as the ultimate arbiter of what is classified and what is not.

So it seems the Deep State who command the FBI were after something specific.

During Ghislaine Maxwell’s first interview after being arrested and put in solitary confinement awaiting trial, she made some very peculiar statements. They were so off-the-wall that they were certain to be included in any post-interview write-ups. Here’s what was said in the Daily Mail:

‘Mysterious’ events have led her to create an imaginary cellmate, despite the fact she has been in solitary confinement from the start, with a light being shone into her cell every 15 minutes to ensure she has not self-harmed.

‘Strange things happen. The toilet flushes, the shower turns on when no one is nearby. When it happens, it alarms the guards so I created a ‘cellmate’ called A-17 so when something strange happens I blame it on A-17.’

Who would call an imaginary cellmate “A-17”? Some at the time speculated that the placement of the odd phrase was intended to send a message to the outside world, perhaps the powers-that-be who she wanted to alert. The message could have been that she is aware of what’s in “A-17” and that’s why they need to keep her alive.

For months, it’s been a mystery what the term means.

But after a list of contents taken from Mar-a-Lago by the FBI was released, there it was. Item 12 was “Box labeled A-17.”

Is it possible that Donald Trump took documents containing some or all of the dirt on Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine-Maxwell? You better believe it’s possible. Here’s why.

First, we know with a high level of confidence that Epstein had ties with the CIA and Maxwell had ties to Mossad. Some have assumed they were working for the intelligence agencies to collect the dirt. It makes sense.

It also makes sense that if they did, it would be something Trump would be desperate to take with him.

Why? Because the Biden administration and the Deep State cannot be trusted with this evidence.

Don’t forget, we are talking about an FBI that sawed into Jeffrey Epstein’s safe in his Upper East Side apartment in Manhattan, confiscated hard drives and several boxes of evidence — and then managed to conveniently “misplace” the evidence.

That’s right, the evidence collected by the FBI from Epstein’s Manhattan mansion has been disappeared.

So could you blame someone like Trump keeping the existence of the list under wraps, justifying it by knowing he could do more with control over powerful men than by simply exposing them? Because let’s face it, we know that few if any of them will ever be held accountable in a court of law as long as the Deep State continues to control the corridors of power.

If Trump has dirt on Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and any of the other frequent flyers aboard the Lolita Express, would he or most people reveal it to destroy them or use the dirt to control them?

It remains to be seen if this theory is correct. But the evidence is stacking up in its favor.

How else to explain the enormous coincidence of Ghislaine Maxwell using her first interview from prison to bizarrely use the phrase A-17? It had to be a message to people on the outside.

And then the next time we hear the term A-17 is in connection with the unprecedented FBI raid on the residence of a former President. What are the odds on these two references to A-17 being a complete and utter coincidence?

If it is all a giant coincidence, then the raid makes no sense based on what we’ve been told. If they simply wanted to bust Trump with documents that he wasn’t supposed to have, they could have easily isolated the warrant to the storage room where they knew the documents were kept.

The fact that they stuck their necks out so far in light of all the negative attention they knew they’d get suggests they were looking for something very specific, and this could be it.


Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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Baxter Dmitry


  1. No Your conclusions are rhe bait in their hook
    They’re way ahead, light years ahead of the average gi Joe.
    Way ahead of Maxwell or Epstein who were just like the maid and butler, garden er really A manservant and an upstairs, maid to them.
    I’m pretty sure the raid was simply to cover Joe’s inflation creation bill and the fact the whole house supported it Both Red and boo.
    That’s the key to the reset. That will open windows and doors of opportunity to create more slaves.
    That’s historical and will be recorded in the history books. Not trump and the pedophilia, that is the basis of high society s power, will be totally erased.

    • Not the pedophilia of Epstein or Maxwell Not at all. Maxwell pedophilia consisted of touching a girls tits to make sure they weren’t bags of saline but were real and telling a girl to wear a school uniform cause Geoffrey likes that.
      No, not that and not jefferirs paying hundreds or thousands of dollars to some girl for a rub and tug massage or a root.
      Not that The pedophilia upon little children under 12 even under 12 months, the vicious violent raping sodmising and murder to harvest real adrenochrome type of Pedophilia The type NO ONE has been charged for. No one is in jail for No one is a registered sex offender for.

  2. If you follow reporter, Timothy Charles Holmseth, you knew this was coming. Pence is on that list along with several US Presidents & others.

    • If you read Cathy OBriens book Tranceformation of America you will realize the truth has been out there for the last 40 years And it does no good .The truth has been published all over the world for decades and it just gets buried by msm and they all just carry on acting innocent .

  3. The secret service guards all ex-presidents so the FBI took on the secret service in this game show pantie raid-your tailin me? I DON~T THINK SO game show over Trump appointed the judge to TP& be the MASTER of this sideshow

  4. Only a fool would believe that President Trump didn’t have several copies of everything stored in different locations.

  5. It’s a game for the FBI and DOJ and they don’t mind playing with evil people and pedophiles. They certainly don’t think that Law and judicial precedent constrains them in any way. About Trump? if indeed he had the goods on so many of his enemies and enemies of America and our children why was he sitting on it?

    • Whats he going to do it with it ?He can hardly even open his own mouth He gets ignored by mist medua, the courts attack him , whose he going to give it to ?The perpetrators who run the show ?

      • ?? #1 Propagate it. #2 full-page ads. #3 street corners. And he’s getting hammered by the media and DOJ already. Trump wins when he takes the offensive. With his $Billions, mansions and private flights he doesn’t make a convincing victim.

    • Timing is everything. There is a plan in place, he’s not an idiot and doesn’t do anything obvious – and he’s right not to. Perhaps his plan all along was to entrap FBI so this evidence can get exposed to the public. He isn’t stupid enough to turn it over to the FBI, who wouldn’t do a damn thing about it.

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