First Ever Cannabis Ad To Be Aired In Denver

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First ever pot related television Ad is scheduled to run on Monday July 20 at 10:35pm in Colorado, USA

ABC-affiliated television station KMGH-Channel 7 is set to air an ad for legal cannabis on public airwaves.

A marijuana-related TV Ad is scheduled to promote the merits of taking legal cannabis the modern way, through vaping. The 15 second commercial is set to run prior to the “Jimmy Kimmel Live” comedy show on Monday July 20 at 10:35pm.

Cannabis is currently legal in the State of Colorado but is still a federally banned substance. It would be the first time ever a commercial for cannabis is aired on TV.

Weed Homie reports:

The advertisement will be a promotional ad for the infamous vape pen Neos.
Neos is famous for what they refer to as Electronic Vaporization Oil (EVO).

Electronic Vaporization Oil is a cannabis resin that has “fully activated” THC and is suspended in a low temperature vaporization carrier.

When THC is “activated”, all of the THCa is converted to THC for consumtion.

Normally THCa is not able to be absorbed by the human body, but by “activating” or converting the THCa to THC, it can be utilized for intake and consumption.

Normally THCa is converted into THC by combustion or high heat vaporization.

Neos’ process converts the THCa to THC, while maintaining the strains terpene profile. Thus making it available to the user at a low temperature and providing more THC, per intake, to the user.

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