Fishermen Test Positive For Coronavirus Despite Spending 35 Days At Sea & Testing Negative Before Leaving

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Argentinian health officials are baffled as to how nearly every crew member of a fishing trawler which spent 35 days at sea were reportedly found to have contracted coronavirus.

The entire crew tested negative and had quarantined for 14 days before leaving port, yet 57 out of 61 of the sailors tested positive for coronavirus when they returned.

Scientists are are now scrambling to understand how this could have happened because ship had no contact with land while it was gone.

The Mail Online reports: The Echizen Maru fishing trawler returned to port after some of its crew began exhibiting symptoms typical of COVID-19, the health ministry for the southern Tierra del Fuego province said Monday.

According to the ministry, 57 sailors, out of 61 crew members, were diagnosed with the virus after undergoing a new test.

However, all of the crew members had undergone 14 days of mandatory quarantine at a hotel in the city of Ushuaia.

Prior to that, they had negative results, the ministry said in a statement.

Two of the other sailors have tested negative, and two others are awaiting test results, the province’s emergency operations committee said.

Two sailors were hospitalized.

‘It’s hard to establish how this crew was infected, considering that for 35 days, they had no contact with dry land,’ said Alejandra Alfaro, the director of primary health care in Tierra del Fuego.

‘Supplies were only brought in from the port of Ushuaia.’

A team was examining ‘the chronology of symptoms in the crew to establish the chronology of contagion,’ she said.

The head of the infectious diseases department at Ushuaia Regional Hospital, Leandro Ballatore, said he believed this is a ‘case that escapes all description in publications, because an incubation period this long has not been described anywhere.’

‘We cannot yet explain how the symptoms appeared,’ said Ballatore.

The crew was placed in isolation on board the ship and returned to the port of Ushuaia.


  1. Its the greatest scientifically constructed and compliancy driven total fraud ever in the history of the world. They know the tests are going to produce false positives with absolute certainty and they cab simply carey out mire tests when they want a sudden increase and less when they want a false successful treatment scenario portrayed Its totally manipulated to suit their demands .Its the biggest criminal fraud in the worlds history.

  2. Of Course they did …every test shows you are positive…. how else would the fear factor work so well around the world — Biggest hoax ever pulled on the world !

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