Five Ways Star Wars Blatantly Copied Asia

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Five ways Star Wars films copied Asia

This video examines five reasons why Star Wars was very likely inspired by Asia. 

Did you know that George Lucas originally wanted Star War to be a remake of Hidden Fortress and had mimicked the fighting style seen in the film, and modelled Darth Vadar after the general of the film?


Star Wars and Hidden Fortress parallels

5. Star wars revolves around the Jedi’s mastery of The Force, much like the Chinese concept of Qi (chi). Qi is a substance that may be invisible in this dimension, but surrounds us and can be felt by people in touch with the force.

4.  The fighting style seen in Star Wars is taken from martial arts. The light sabre battle is modelled after katana sword fighting.

3. The costumes seen in the film are inspired by Japan. Darth Vadar’s black outfit is inspired by the Japanese Samurai of war. Luke Skywalker’s white robe is inspired by the uniform worn in karate.

2. The master-disciple relationship seen in Star Wars with virtually every character is a Chinese tradition. Masters traditionally teach their students fighting skills and spiritual concepts.

1. Yoda is inspired by Zen masters seen throughout Asian culture. He represents a deep understanding of spirituality.

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