Catholic App Directs The Righteous To Mass Or Confessional

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The Roman Catholic Church has launched an new app that allows for a quick absolution if you have sinned or are thinking of sinning in Scotland.

The Catholic app or ‘Sindr’ as it’s called is an interactive map that shows smartphone users where their nearest parish is located.

The app directs those in need of a quick confession or chinwag with the almighty to the nearest app

The Inquirer reports

God is omnipotent, apparently, but people do not always have the time to connect with him. People don’t always toe the God line, either, and may fall short of some of his rules of engagement.

In those instances, they might want to confess but might not know how to actually go to a church and to confession to do it.

At those times Sindr, not to be confused with Tinder or Grindr, is the app that you need. The big news is that it is not really called Sindr, that is just the name that online wags have given it.

The app, which you can use on a phone or a tablet, though not a stone one, is actually called ‘The Catholic App’, and it can unite sinners or semi sinners with mass as and when they need it.

“This is a little bit of smart technology that could make a big impact on how the Catholic Church brings the mercy of God and the joy of the Gospel to our contemporary world,” said Archbishop Leo Cushley of St Andrews & Edinburgh at a thing that the Telegraph newspaper was involved in at the Vatican.

The application, which we haven’t download because we feel guilty enough already, has been created with the assistance of a health software company called Musemantik. That company reckons that the application could be your new best friend.

“Websites are losing popularity – what is needed to engage with the mobile generation is an app that is smart and personal, an app that is like a companion, a friend that takes the initiative to inspire you – that’s the vision behind the Catholic App,” said Dr Maciej Zurawski, founder of Musemantik.

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