“F**k Family” It’s Time to “Kick Down Traditional Family Values” Says Drag Queen Performer

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Draq Queen

Miz Cracker, a well know contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race, is currently engaged in a war against traditional values.

The biological male whose real name is Maxwell Eiias Heller, is staging a one “woman” show called Who’s Holiday!. The show turns The Grinch’s character Cindy Lou Who into a “hard-drinking, pill-popping, very experienced woman” who hates family Christmas gatherings.

Brietbart reports: The sentiment in the anti-Christmas stage show — being presented in London, U.K., this December and January — mirrors how the radical drag queen feels.

“To say that Christmas is about traditional values or values of any kind anymore is pretty ridiculous,” Heller told PinkNews. “Christ is nowhere featured in this. In America, if you look at the way people knock down the doors of shopping centers, I think you can tell that we have separated Christmas from Christ.”

Aside from that bit of social commentary, Miz Cracker is not above knocking Christ out of Christmas himself, either, especially when it comes to holiday gatherings. The performer feels that Christmas gatherings should be a time to confront people over the LGBTQ agenda.

“I think any opportunity that we have to kick down traditional family values is welcomed,” he said. “The way of thinking about family is old and tired and we need to reinvent it,” Cracker continued.

“I think that Who’s Holiday! does that. It makes fun of family and I think it talks about chosen family and talks about the friends that really matter and what it means to have them in your life. So yeah, fuck family,” he added.

Cracker went on to tell the gay-centric website that he is really “worried” about the U.S.A. with the possible comeback of Donald Trump as well as the raft of legislation that would prevent transgender athletes from erasing women’s achievements in sports.

“I think [it] would be terrifying. Not just because he would be president, which is one thing, but because it would show that there is support for hatred and phobia in our country,” he said.

Cracker also insisted that the time to apply “logic” to the issues is over. Now it is time for radical confrontation, not discussion.

“What matters is not figuring out why it happened, but making sure that it gets crushed… because we’re talking about the lives of trans youth being crushed or not acknowledged by some of this legislation,” the performer said.


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  2. Course, once the Church’s went along with banning the nativity scene from being displayed in public not long after they let the law create the church of satan its all gone to pieces The whole world. And they know it.

  3. And that is the root of it all, destroy the traditional family, isolate and you shift the populace to sheep to be manipulated by evil.

  4. How come these deluded and perverted idiots can say whatever they want, but the people they attack have to shut up…?!!

    And that is somehow NOT discriminating or criminalizing free speech??? Only as long as you say what they want to hear, right!??

    “What you don’t want happening to you, you don’t do to others!” seems to be totally forgotten by the feable-minded.

  5. once again for the deviants in the back “phobia” expresses that i am AFRAID of you i do not FEAR deviants i DETEST and DESPISE them there is a HUGE difference most were good with the whole live and let live crap but now you phag gots and science deniers are pushing your deviance down our and more IMPORTANTLY our CHILDREN throats and i wont tolerate it around my kids

  6. The great majority of families care about their members & try to make them healthy, strong & happy in life. They also support a healthy type of society & government that promotes health & safety . The Marxists have long known that the family, the spirituality & morality are the strengths & foundation of the US & oppose the Communist aims that enslave & exploit people as though they are farm animals. They realized that they needed to destroy these strengths if they were going to destroy our Nation & take it for their own.

  7. Being a drag queen is a mental illness. Your brain does not work right if you can’t accept that you are a man. No matter how much you take hormones and get surgery YOU WILL STILL BE A MAN, not understanding this IS part of the mental illness. America needs to open asylums and start locking these crazies up OR if they don’t like it here then THEY CAN LEAVE, good riddance. If you want to be a freak then go ahead but don’t try pushing that BS on the rest of us.

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