Formal Complaint Filed With NY Police Dept Demands Hillary Clinton’s Arrest

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Activists filed a “formal complaint” with the New Castle Police Department in New York on Saturday, calling for criminal charges to be brought against a well known resident – Hillary Clinton.

The former secretary of state has been a target among opponents for her numerous suspected crimes including alleged pay-to-play machinations and use of a private email server during her time in office.

Sputnik news reports: Activists from Equal Justice Tour, a religious political action group petitioning to have Hillary Clinton “be held accountable” for her alleged “wrongdoing at the Clinton Foundation, Benghazi, Haiti, Email Destruction and Uranium One,” have filed a formal complaint with the New Castle Police Department in Chappaqua, New York State, where Clinton has a residence.

On Saturday, the activists live-streamed a video on Facebook showing members of the group walking into the police station and handing over notarized copies of the complaint to an officer. The officer said he would forward the document to his superiors.

“Some of us are veterans, and we swore to defend the Constitution from domestic enemies,” one of the activists said, noting that as a public servant, Clinton “should be held accountable, so now we’re looking to hold her accountable.”

Activists also sought to forward a copy of the complaint to the Secret Service, but the officer said this wasn’t possible, as the Secret Service doesn’t accept any type of paperwork or packages.

The group had previously claimed that since Clinton’s private server was reportedly based at her Chappaqua home, authorities there were responsible for arresting her. The group’s activists have staged multiple campaigns including protests and internet petitions encouraging President Trump to arrest the former presidential candidate in the past.

During a debate and on the campaign trail in 2016, Trump threatened to put Clinton “in jail” if he was elected.

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