Minnesota Democrats Try To Ban Huge Crowd of Trump Supporters From Rally — EPIC FAILURE!

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Minnesota Democrat leaders tried to use their power to stop President Trump holding a huge rally with all of his supporters. After thousands of patriots signed up to attend the rally on Friday in Rochester, Democrat state party poopers announced only allowed 250 people would be allowed to attend the Trump event.

So a huge crowd of THOUSANDS of patriots turned out anyway outside the event!

President Trump was clearly moved by the passionate turnout and walked out to thank his supporters who wanted to attend but were not allowed into the rally.

President Trump and his supporters in Minnesota were not going to let Democrat state leaders take away their right to party.

Meanwhile the other side, Sleepy Joe Biden was struggling to attract a hundred people to a rally just a few days before the election:

Thousands of patriots cheered for President Trump and waited outside the venue during his speech in defiance of Minnesota Democrat party-poopers.

Fox News Channel’s Laura Ingraham traveled with President Trump today on the campaign trail.

President Trump made stops in key states Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota.

Via The Ingraham Angle:

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