Former Campaign Manager Admits Hillary Clinton Was Behind Trump-Russia Lie

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Clinton did it!

Trump Clinton

The Russia-Trump collusion narrative of 2016 and beyond was way more than a dirty trick, and now we know it came from the top candidate herself… Hillary Rodham Clinton

Her former campaign manager Robby Mook has testified that Clinton agreed to give Trump-Russia material to reporter.

Mook admitted in federal court on Friday that Clinton had personally approved her campaign’s plans in 2016 to share information with the press about an alleged link between Donald Trump and a top Russian bank, despite the fact that her campaign was not certain about the truth of the allegations.

Questions about the possible connection were widely dismissed four months ago.

People are now warning that Robby needs to watch his back. 

The Gateway Pundit reports: After years of claiming that Russia was working with candidate and President Trump to steal the election from Hillary Clinton (a totally insane proposition), Hillary’s Campaign Manager on Friday said that Hillary approved pushing lies regarding the Russia collusion sham story.

Over the weekend people started sharing their concerns for Robby Mook throwing Hillary under the bus.


  1. “Dirty Trick?” Was Watergate a dirty trick? Because this was far, far worse! Not only did Hitlery create this Lie, the FBI used it to Spy on a campaign!

      • They never did .And you need to examine the law !The USA is a corporation ,not a nation .It is governed by CORPORATE LAW .Not the people You aren’t shareholders .Your employees with obligations to your employer .

        • they used to pretend to work for us so they would not get found out, but now they don’t give a crap that we know they work for the Central bank owners. There is nothing we will do about it. only way is to redo the “battle of Athens 1946” on a much larger scale. Interestingly enough, this current situation is just like what was going on in Athens TN on a micro scale. People got together and surrounded the Sheriffs office and let them have. they sieged the county sheriff office. It was a great event that cured local tyranny. It should be looked at again.

  2. The FBI, DOJ, Media etc…all of them knew there were no truth in it but they all ran with it. They all allowed millions of taxpayers dollars to be wasted with Mueller–nothing but trash all of them

    • Yes everyone knew from the start .And they paid lawyers millions to drag the show out on stage as ACTORS in the theatre of operations .

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