Former Lithuanian Judge Who Alleged Pedophile Ring Faces Extradition

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Former judge detained by U.S. authorities until 2022 after claiming to have evidence of government pedophile ring in Lithuania

A former judge who claimed to have evidence of a powerful pedophile ring in Lithuania has had her asylum hearing delayed until 2022.

U.S. agents arrested Neringa Venckiene last year on Lithuanian charges that include allegedly falsely reporting on a pedophile ring of powerful people who she says abused her 4-year-old niece. reports: Her already longshot federal-court request for a stay of extradition emphasized she only needed several months more in the U.S. so she could make the asylum hearing.

Her immigration lawyer, Mark Davidson, said in a recent interview the delay undermines her chances of a stay.

He says the immigration court offered no reason for the three-year delay and it’ll be difficult to get it changed back to this year.

A Friday message seeking comment from the office overseeing immigration courts wasn’t returned.


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