French First Lady LOSES Lawsuit After Being Accused of Undergoing Gender Transition Surgery

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Brigitte Macron, the First Lady of France, has lost a lawsuit after being accused of being born male and secretly undergoing gender reassignment surgery.

Macron, 73, sued two women who made a viral YouTube video containing evidence that she was born male. The Macron family requested that the court condemn the two women and award substantial damages, adding that the accusations Macron was born male are “a perfectly eccentric thesis.”

However, a French judge appears to disagree with the Macrons and has thrown the First Lady’s case out of court, according to reports.

The report, originally published by French newspaper Le Point, stated: “In its decision, consulted by AFP, the court declared void the summons issued by Brigitte Macron for invasion of privacy and image rights, considering that the facts she denounced should have been qualified [under] public defamation.”

One of the women who made the YouTube video identified herself as a “medium,” while the second woman noted that she was an “independent journalist,” according to the report. 

The first lady of France launched legal action after a three-year investigation by a French news outlet concluded that she was born as a male with the name Jean-Michel Trogneux, causing the news to go viral on French Twitter in a similar manner to persistent rumors in the US regarding Michelle Obama. Watch:

The Macrons launched the lawsuit just weeks after it was revealed President Trump boasted to close associates that he knew secrets about Emmanuel Macron’s sex life from US intelligence sources, causing a “transatlantic freakout” when a file referred to as “info re: President of France” was found at Mar-a-Lago.

French journalists claimed they found evidence Brigitte Macron was born as Jean Michel Trogneux (right)

French president Emmanuel Macron’s wife, 68-year-old Brigitte Macron, sued the investigative journalists involved in the report for defamation, Paris-based newspaper Le Figaro reported.

Conservative journal Faits et Documents published an article in September claiming it had conducted a three-year investigation into Ms Macron, and that their theory was supported by many experts.

On 10 December, the journalist Natacha Rey gave a four-hour interview about the bombshell news, according to Numerama. The video was deleted following legal threats from the Macrons, but not before it had been viewed by more than 470,000 people.

Days later, on 13 December, the hashtag  #JeanMichelTrogneux began trending on Twitter in France. The hashtag was the most discussed topic on the social media platform for days.

Trogneux is Ms Macron’s maiden name.

French President Emmanuel Macron began his relationship with his wife Brigitte when he was just 16 years old, while she was 40 and a teacher at his school.

The report said: “Before turning 17 Mr Macron was dating his still-married teacher, against the express wishes of his parents.”

Mr Macron’s parents had believed their son was dating Brigitte’s daughter, Laurence, before the truth came out.

They removed him and shipped him off to the elite Lycée Henri-IV in Paris.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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