Riot Police and Firefighters Join Protests Against WEF and Globalist Elite in France

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French President and World Economic Forum Young Global Leader Emmanuel Macron has been doing the WEF’s bidding this year, attempting to force the Great Reset on France against the will of the people.

Last week Macron decided to unilaterally raise the pension age in France, despite having no political support for the move. Millions of people are rising up against Macron in cities across France, declaring him a puppet of Klaus Schwab and demanding fresh elections.

The sum of all fears for globalist technocrats is happening right now in France. The elite are cowering as the people continue to rise up against them. French firefighters and riot police have now joined the protesters to stand against the World Economic Forum puppet Emanuel Macron.

The globalist regime is on life support. Watch:

Thousands of masked protesters and police fought running street battles in France this week, with police using water cannon to quell rioters who hurled projectiles at them and destroyed storefronts, joining the millions of French citizens who have protested against Macron’s pension reform laws that are designed to protect and enrich the globalist elite at the expense of ordinary people.

The French protests are not being reported by mainstream news outlets because the elites fear the protests will be contagious. Instead, the masses are fed political theater while there are real battles taking place elsewhere.

Baxter Dmitry
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