Fully Vaxxed Brooke Shields Rushed To Hospital After ‘Foaming at the Mouth’ and ‘Turning Blue’

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Fully vaccinated Hollywood star Brooke Shields has revealed the extent of her poor health in recent years, admitting she was recently rushed to hospital after “foaming at the mouth” and “turning totally blue.”

Brooke, who has previously confirmed she is fully vaccinated, claims the seizure was a result of “drinking too much water.”

“I go in, two women come up to me; I don’t know them. Everything starts to go black. Then my hands drop to my side and I go headfirst into the wall. I start having a grand mal seizure.

The Suddenly Susan star explained that she was “frothing at the mouth”, turned “totally blue” and was swallowing her tongue before she lost consciousness. When she came to, she was on oxygen and was joined by Hollywood star Bradley Cooper.

Per Hello: Bradley, who was Brooke’s co-star in the 2008 film ‘The Midnight Meat Train’, was with the star during her hospital trip and as she was taken to the ICU where doctors fitted her with a catheter and IV drip.

Brooke revealed that doctors believed her seizure came from a result of drinking too much water and not having enough salt in her diet. Brooke went on to make a full recovery was even to make the opening night of her one-woman show, which began on September 12.

According to the Mayo Clinic, a grand mal seizure, also known as a tonic-clonic seizure, is typically caused by epilespy, but can also be caused very low blood sugar, a high fever or a stroke. It is uncommon for this type of seizure to repeat, but those who do face recurrence need to take daily anti-seizure medicines.

Brooke has faced several health challenges over the years and back in 2021, she broke her right femur after falling from a balance board, with the injury being so severe that she needed to relearn how to walk.

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