George Soros: Brexit Will Be Reversed

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George Soros says that Brexit will be reversed

Billionaire globalist George Soros has promised the British public that Brexit will be reversed within the next few years, hinting that he intends to force the government to disregard last years in-out EU referendum. 

According to Soros, Britain is about to enter a period of financial and social unrest of such an enormous magnitude that reversing Brexit will be the only viable option to remedy the situation.

‘The moment of truth is fast approaching,’ Soros said.

‘The fact is that Brexit is a lose-lose proposition, harmful both to Britain and the European Union. It cannot be undone, but people can change their minds.’ reports: Britain’s $2.5trillion economy has shown resilience since last year’s referendum although sterling fell 25 cents against the dollar in the hours immediately after the shock vote.

But Britain went from being one of the fastest-growing economies of the Group of Seven leading economic nations in 2016 to the slowest in early 2017, as the fall in the value of the pound after the Brexit referendum pushed up inflation and hit consumer spending.

The combination of rising prices and slowing wage growth represents a challenge for the Bank of England and its top policymakers, three of whom voted last week to raise interest rates to head off the acceleration of inflation.

Soros said the Bank had underestimated the impact of inflation and was now catching up.

‘Households will realise that their living standards are falling and they will have to adjust their spending habits,’ Soros said.

‘To make matters worse, they will also realise that they have become over-indebted and they will have to pay back their debts.’

Britain has less than two years to negotiate the terms of the divorce and the outlines of the future relationship before it is due to leave in late March 2019.

Both sides need an agreement to keep trade flowing between the world’s biggest trading bloc and the fifth-largest global economy.

Soros said that if Prime Minister Theresa May wanted to stay in power, she would have to change her approach and take account of young people who he said wanted to find well-paying jobs.

She should, Soros said, seek to keep Britain in the EU’s single market as the UK tried to extract itself.

‘The divorce process would take at least five years to complete, and during that time new elections would take place,’ Soros said.

‘If all went well, the two parties may want to remarry even before they have divorced.’


  1. Soros thinks he is king of the world. He was pee-ood he didn’t get his wish of a Hildabeast presidency and the transfer of the United States to his possession.

  2. He deserves a fair trial and a fair hanging for his international war crimes and crimes against humanity.
    He would make a dandy Christmas tree decoration. Umm-huh. Say from the highest branches of a very tall tree.

    • Dammit, Grey Wolf. You beat me to it again. You get up too early in the morning!
      OK, but only if that tree is deep in the forest where I don’t have to look at it.

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        Those feelings of confusion are normal for you i am sure.

          • Beyond your level of intelligence because i did not say what you said i said. That means you are a troll playing stupid, or you really are. One should not inject themselves into conversations that are not mentally qualified to handle. And that was a very simple statement.

  3. the whole Soros “mischpoche” needs to be assassinated for all their crimes & planned future crimes. They are just evil Jews who gives other Jews a bad name. Get rid of these devils

  4. once again this ugly monster of a man is trying to interfere with another democratic country.Get this man arrested for treason against numerous countries

  5. You do Not want that Evil Thief George Soros telling you what to do!!
    He does Not care! He is out for himself and his money! He wants to ruin the World!

  6. ” The first panacea for a mismanged Nation is inflation of the currency, the second is War. Both bring a temporary prosperity, both bring a permanent ruin. But both are the refuge of Political and Economic Parasitical Sociopathic Opportunists.” Ernest Hemingway

  7. Plutocracy…Zionist Trump bought his presidency,Zionist Soros tries to buy Remain in England through his tribes own import Nubians.Nothing new,dumb and Shabbos goyim.

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