George W. Bush Claims That The Decision To Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan ‘Breaks His Heart’

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George W Bush

Former US President and war criminal George W. Bush has condemnded President Bidens decision to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

In an interview released on Wednesday by Germany’s DW media outlet, Bush said that he fears the “unspeakable harm” that Afghan women and girls may suffer as the Taliban retakes control over large parts of the country.

He claimed that he is also worried about the interpreters who had been assisting US forces.

“They’re just going to be left behind to be slaughtered by these very brutal people, and it breaks my heart,” Bush said. 

RT reports: President Joe Biden, who announced the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan in April, reportedly plans an operation to evacuate Afghan translators to the US. The US exit is scheduled to be completed by the end of August. Biden’s predecessor as commander-in-chief, Donald Trump, had planned to get the troops out by May.

Following the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, Bush sold what became America’s longest war as attacking Al-Qaeda and Taliban operations to disrupt the use of Afghanistan as a terrorist base. Mission creep in his mind apparently expanded at some point to include the civil liberties of Afghan women.

In fact, Bush said in the DW interview, which focused largely on his relationship with Angela Merkel, that the German chancellor agreed to join in the war effort at least partly because “she saw the progress that could be made for young girls and women.” He added, “It’s unbelievable how that society changed from the brutality of the Taliban.”

Bush called the Western troop withdrawal a mistake and speculated that Merkel likely agrees. “I think the consequences are going to be unbelievably bad,” he said. 

Prior to Barack Obama and Trump, it used to be a tradition for former US presidents to avoid publicly criticizing their predecessors. Bush has largely followed that unwritten rule, so his rebuke of the Afghan withdrawal is a rare exception. 

Human rights lawyer Qasim Rashid, a former Democrat congressional candidate, pointed out that Bush authored wars that have killed thousands of women in Afghanistan and elsewhere. “Someone remind Bush that his post-9/11 wars have displaced 37 million civilians and killed over 1 million civilians, disproportionately women and children,” he said, citing figures from the Cost of War Project. “Where’s the accountability for such atrocity?”

“Afghan women & girls are ‘going to’ suffer unspeakable harm.” — George W. BushSomeone remind Bush that his Post-9/11 wars have displaced 37 Million civilians & killed over 1 Million civilians—disproportionately women and children. Where’s the accountability for such atrocity?— Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) July 14, 2021

The Taliban has already retaken strategic territories in Afghanistan, including border crossings with Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Surrendering Afghan troops have been slaughtered in some cases, including 22 Special Forces soldiers who were executed in an atrocity caught on video. In one case, more than 1,000 Afghan troops fled into Tajikistan to escape being overrun by the Taliban.


  1. What heart, how many people did you and your father kill and how many countries did you and your demonic father destroy?

  2. Who gave the order for the airforce to stand down on 9/11?
    Hey there Georgy boy! The twin towers were imploded with demolition explosives installed by Mossad agents. It took them almost a year working inside the twin towers to prep the demolition.

    • No they weren’t People dressed as maintenance workers did extensive work in the corners of the building about a few weeks before did it And the real explosion was a thermo nuclear device in the basements most likely 27 trillion dollars worth if carbon credits were magically moved from out if the towers into Nick Gore Al Gores sons LONDON offices just before it all happened and something else if great value too also mysteriously was relocated elsewhere as well Cant recall exactly now, what that was Hut something that made certain well respected members of the community very very wealthy And the building had been planned on demolition for quite a while and they already had plans drawn up for its replacement as well as bring possibly the only building on earth that had insurance for a terrorist attack .

  3. I’m hoping the reports of his execution are correct. If not, I look forward to see that happen shortly after his military tribunal. That entire demonic family needs to be removed permanently from the face of the earth.

  4. I’m so sick to death of their disqusting lies. Obviously they have withdrawn to lure the tali an into a trap. A set up. Then they can spread all their “news” about the taliban and cruelty to feminists and use that to anhiliate the.And people believe them Its like when the queen told her governor GENERAL of Australia, as an autocrat, to sack the democratically elected Whitlam government because she didn’t approve if it but the dumb aussuez still believe the lying politicians and msm that they’re living in a democracy. Blatant outrageous absolute lies. ALL OF IT, ALWAYS EVERYTHING.

  5. that dick doesn’t have one. anyway we are not pulling out. US mercanaries are taking their place. they will be under the command of Isrealis.

  6. Bush wacked? and spent most his white house dutys at the ranch and let 911 happen and did`nt show up at the huricane dead bodys show.WTF does he know coke and used cars?

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