BLM Leader Accused of Molesting Multiple Children Given Job on School Board

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BLM leader accused of molesting dozens of children given job with school board

Black Lives Matter leader Tay Anderson, who is currently under investigation for sex abuse, rape, and harassment of multiple people, including 62 children, has been re-hired by a local Denver school.

Tay Anderson denied the allegations and blamed a “racist web hacker” for fabricating the allegations.

After temporarily stepping down from his post at the school, Anderson has now resumed his duties on the school board while the investigation into his criminal behavior continues.

“I am returning to my full duties as a duly elected member of the Denver School Board. This is effective immediately,” Anderson declared.

CBS4 reports: Denver School Board Director Tay Anderson announced Wednesday his plan to resume the full duties of the position, after allegations of sexual assault were leveled against him. Anderson says the investigation into his conduct has “dragged well past the timeline that was agreed to” and “no credible evidence has emerged.”

Anderson said he was told the investigation would be completed in thirty days, but then it was extended an additional 30 days.

“I am now told that the investigation will not be completed for at least another four or five weeks, leading us to mid-August,” Anderson stated in the open letter.

Anderson said the investigation has “drifted into vastly new areas, including a period of time when I was not even an adult, an employee of DPS, or an elected member of the DPS Board.”

“Although I remain committed to engaging in a transparent and fair process, I can no longer wait for this process to conclude to initiate my return to serving the families of the Denver Public Schools,” Anderson stated.

“No credible evidence has emerged to support any allegations of sexual misconduct by me. I have not been arrested, charged, or even contacted by any law enforcement agency regarding any of these false claims against me.”


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