King Charles Loses Temper With Leaky Pen ‘Can’t Bear This Bloody Thing’

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New monarch just had another bad pen day

King Charles

King Charles III has been filmed venting his frustration at a leaky pen as he signed a visitors book at Hillsborough Castle in Belfast.

The King was heard telling flustered courtiers he ‘can’t bear this bloody thing’ as the pen he was given started leaking as he signed the visitors book.

Problems with pens and inkpots have allowed the Kings anger to get the better of him over the past few days!

Tuesday’s incident comes just days after the angry monarch was filmed furiously grimacing at his aides as he was signing the Royal Proclamation.

The Mail Online reports: King Charles, sitting inside the royal residence of Hillsborough Castle, Northern Ireland, appeared flustered by dripping ink as he tried signing a book towards the end of his visit.

Charles complained about the pen he was using to sign his name, announcing he ‘can’t bear this bloody thing’ as he appeared to furiously rub the ink from his fingers.

The Queen Consort later suggested it was leaking and asked for a replacement, as the King briskly turned on his heels and left the room flanked by aides.

The faulty instrument was swiftly removed and replaced by flustered courtiers before Camilla sat down to sign the book herself from inside the historic residence. 

The clip begins with Charles asking what the date was, as he prepares to sign a visitors book in front of cameras at Hillsborough Castle.

Venting his frustration as the pen begins to malfunction, the new King exclaims: ‘God I hate this [pen]’ as he hands it over to the Queen Consort.

He adds: ‘I can’t bear this thing… every stinking time’. 

The new monarch was visiting Northern Ireland on the latest leg of his royal tour of the United Kingdom in the wake of the death of his mother, Queen Elizabeth II. 

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