King Charles III Got A Bit Angry During The Declaration Signing

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An irritated King Charles III was caught on camera grimacing toward his royal aides during Saturdays ceremony that officially proclaimed him Britain’s new monarch.

In clips that went viral King Charles was first seen ‘urging’ his Royal aide to remove a tray of pens from his desk.

The signing went from bad to worse for Jimmy Savile’s pal who started to get annoyed with the small desk that was making it so difficult for him to sign the documents laid out in front of him.

When moving to sign a second document the pen tray and ink pot got in his way…again.

At that point, the King appeared to actually clench his teeth at his staff.

The public took to social media to comment on the events.

One person said “Did Charles just get angry with a plastic pen holder while the world watched him sign his proclamation declaration”

Another said: “King Charles III absolutely raging already and he’s only signed one thing!”

Have we just caught another glimpse of the Kings true colors?


  1. At his ascension with William standing in front of the merchant if Venice painting, the atmosphere was vile. So much anger or fury or hatred simmering beneath the surface of the attendees It was very suspicious. At that meeting in the article the entire audience looked absolutely hateful. Charles and Camelia are walking down the aisle looking for a cheery smile ☺ and from what I saw, not getting much response. Some more or less polite responses, but that was it. Poor ma am she was always terrified of Charles taking over Had to cling to power till her last gasp just to put off the inevitable for as long as possible.
    . Personally I always thought Charles was OK and I like a lot if his ideas about architecture and farming but most people wouldn’t. I don’t think he will enjoy a happy reign at all actually.

  2. The monarch is so stale and outadate BUT at least the PM could give the king dental care but he seems to have PMS also

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