Scary Message On Elderly Woman’s Phone – NORAD Warning?

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A user on Reddit captured an eerie message playing on his grandmothers phone and asked users ‘What is this sinister phone message all about?’

The message on the phone would play every day between the hours of 7pm – 7:15pm. Whenever he or his grandmother picked up the phone at that time the message captured on the video recording below would play.

If it was before 7:15 PM, and you hung up the phone and then lifted the receiver again, the message would play again from the start. If you hung up and then immediately lifted the receiver again the line would appear to be dead until 7:15.

A transcript of the message being played:

1. [Female voice] 2. Connecting you. Please hold the line. 3. (Beeps) 4. [Male voice] 5. NORAD (?) EWS (?) 6. Station ZF77, ZF77 7. Status alert con 4, status alert con 4 8. Security tracing in progress 9. Attention, attention, attention 10. (Beep) 11. WW09 ready, NP44 danger, HP87 ready, HQ39 ready, PK58 ready, FC23 ready, NN18 trigger, VY92 ready, LC56 secure 12. (Beep) 13. Attention, attention, attention 14. (Beep) 15. (Distorted noise) 16. (Continuous tone until receiver is replaced)

The Reddit user was so concerned about the ominous and disturbing message that he recorded it one evening and uploaded it online to see what others thoughts.

These are some of the responses he recieved:

This is a DEFCON broadcast from North American Aerospace Defense Command Advanced Warning Station ZF77 “NORAD AWS Zulu Foxtrot 77”

The specific Defense Condition for this broadcast is CON4 (low defense condition) “Status Alert Con 4, Status Alert Con 4”
The computer is applying a trace to make sure that they are connecting to the lines and broadcasting into the stations that it is supposed to “Security Tracing in Progress”

It then lists out the reported conditions of each station it is broadcasting to “Whiskey Whiskey 09 Ready, November Papa 44 Danger”

This is an automated broadcast sent at a specific time of the day. If your mothers phone is cordless, then it was probably picking up on the frequency that the message was broadcasting at. Ive lived near several military bases growing up and would receive weird messages like this through the phone all the time when talking to my friends. Its is a LERTCON message, and your mother has nothing to fear from it.

Like many others this user is suggesting that the phone is picking up NORAD (“North American Aerospace Defense Command”) interference. If it is indeed Norad, why are words such as “danger” and “trigger” being said in the message?

Have a listen for yourself and let us know what you think this message means.

Original post on Reddit reads:

‘A couple of years ago my mother called me from a neighbor’s house in a hysterical state because someone had ‘taken over’ her home phone. She’s very independent but elderly, has failing vision and lives alone in Greeley, Colorado. Her neighbor checked out the phone, and it seemed OK, so my mom eventually calmed down and went home.

Then, a few days later, it happened again. My mom was inconsolable and refused to go back into her house – her neighbor told me she couldn’t stop shaking. I urgently took time off work and traveled to Colorado the next day to help her. I tested her phone and couldn’t find anything wrong, but I said I’d stay with her for the next week to make sure she was OK. (I thought she was going a little mad and was desperately trying to work out how I could move to Colorado permanently to live closer to her!)

I was horrified when I discovered what was really going on.

When she had lifted the receiver, rather than the dial tone, she’d heard a creepy message. I’m not surprised it terrified her – it freaked me out too!

Over the next few days I figured out that the message only came between 7 PM to 7:15 PM. Any other time of day, there was a normal dial tone and the phone worked normally. The phone didn’t ring at 7 PM or anything – it was just that if you lifted the receiver to make a call between 7 to 7:15 PM you’d get the sinister message rather than the dial tone.

My mom’s phone has a connector for a headset so I managed to record the message on my laptop.

The day after I recorded the message the phone was dead for most of the day. I called the phone company but they said they couldn’t find a fault and wouldn’t do anything. In the evening I tried to take another recording so see whether the message had changed, but it was gone and there was just a normal dial tone.

The message has never come back, but my mom is still frightened about using her phone.

Ever since I’ve tried to discreetly figure out what it was all about, and what it’s got to do with my mom, but I got nowhere. So I’ve decided to post my recording on the Internet to see if anyone can help.

I’m not sure what the male voice says at the start of the message, but I think he says ‘NORAD’ – the nuclear defense agency – so I’m posting this anonymously. I don’t want any trouble if I’m posting something secret I’m not supposed to have heard. I’ve cut short the tone at the end – it was ear-splitting and would go on until you replaced the receiver.


  1. When broken Down it seems like it was some kind of broadcast updating the listener on the condition of something.

    Wwq9 ready
    Np44 danger
    Hp87 ready
    Hq39 ready
    Pk58 ready
    Fc23 ready
    Nn18 trigger
    Vy92 ready
    Lc56 secure

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