Biden’s Top Watchdog Bans Gendered Language

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New Woke Madness

Joe Biden

The Biden administration has been accused of peddling ‘woke madness’ after a top government watchdog banned the use of gendered language in the workplace.

It seems that terms like ‘man-made’ and ‘police man’ have now been blacklisted in a new inclusivity push

According to leaked internal memos, the Government Accountability Office forbids employees from using male and female terms.

The Mail Online reports: The agency, whose role is to scrutinize administration spending, issued the bizarre diktat in October 2022 at the behest of its so-called ‘chief diversity management officer.’

The ‘style guide’ demands an end to ‘non-inclusive terminology’ and said the GAO’s 3,100-strong army of bureaucrats should avoid ‘wording that diminishes anyone’s dignity.’

The four-page rant, which was posted on the GAO intranet, bans staff from using words such as ‘man-made’ or ‘manpower’ in official communications.

The document suggests alternatives such as ‘artificial’ or ‘workforce’ instead.  

Officials are also subjected to a lecture on gender identity, an issue that has irked top Republican lawmakers nationwide.

‘When it is necessary to refer to sex or gender identity, be aware of the distinction and avoid equating the two,’ the leaked memo reads. 

‘Sex is a classification of people into categories such as male, female or intersex on the basis of biological characteristics.

‘Gender identity is a person’s innermost concept of self as male, female, a blend of both, or neither.

‘Gender identity may align with the sex a person was assigned at birth (cisgender), another sex (transgender), or neither.

‘A person whose gender identity does not align with their sex assigned at birth or with another sex may identify as nonbinary, agender, or gender fluid, among other identities.’

But the GAO’s self-styled ‘diversity czar’ appeared unable to offer conclusive instructions on which words the agency’s pen-pushers should use and when.

‘When it is necessary to use binary terminology, avoid implying that all people identify with the sex or gender binaries or that all people share the biological characteristics of their assigned sex,’ the memo reads. ‘Choose the best set of terms for your facts and circumstances.’ 

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