Trump: I’m Coming Back This Summer With My ‘Own Platform’

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President Trump is coming back to social media with his own platform this summer, advisor says.

President Trump will be back on social media this summer in the form of his own free speech platform, his senior adviser has announced.

Former spokesperson for Trump’s 2020 campaign, Jason Miller, announced on Sunday that Trump would be returning to social media in three months with a new platform that will “completely redefine the game.”

Miller said the new platform will be open to billions of people across the globe.

“I do think that we’re going to see President Trump returning to social media in probably about two or three months here, with his own platform,” Trump Miller told  Fox News.

“And this is something that I think will be the hottest ticket in social media, it’s going to completely redefine the game, and everybody is going to be waiting and watching to see what exactly President Trump does.” reports: Miller said he was unable to provide much more in terms of details at this point, but he did reveal that Trump has been having “high-powered meetings” at Mar-a-Lago with various teams regarding the venture, and that “numerous companies” have approached Trump.

“This new platform is going to be big,” Miller said, predicting that Trump will draw “tens of millions of people.”

In the meantime, Miller said that Trump will continue to endorse Republican candidates, teasing one that is expected to come on Monday.

“Pay attention to Georgia tomorrow, on Monday. There’s a big endorsement that’s coming that’s going to really shake things up in the political landscape in Georgia. It’s big, it’s coming tomorrow, and just be sure to tune in.”


  1. Why? He won the election in a landslide with 90 million Americans voting for him before the steal and he walked off so why listen to anything he has to say? He did nothing for the American people that dementia Joe couldn’t overturn with one stroke of the pen on day one of his criminal coup and that was surely by design.

    • Trump already stated that the next time he run’s for president he’s going to keep Pence as his vice president. Both parties know the voters are brain dead. Pence made 500 million for screwing us and Trump made 44 million, wonder what they got under the table handed to them?

      • I never heard him say that If he did then it must mean Pence is some sort of undercover agent or something like that who has some kind of secret power that the public will never be told about He always struck me as extremely secretive. But the fact is with only msm,like RT , thoroughly pro england , to get news from tbe truth is a rare commodity .

    • There is nothing anyone can do that cant be overturned There’s no such thing as as a cast iron contract And when the courts refuse to admit he win then what’s he going to do ? Buy a army .Get real .The whole point of America’s CONSTITUTION was to ensure no Monarch or Autocrat ever took control To stop it being like a Kingdom or a Catholic Dominion .That was the ENTIRE POINT .

  2. He had his chance. He thought he could outsmart the evil combine that runs this planet and found out that he could not. Any well-intentioned potential leader will run into the same crap. Every suit and pants suit that refers to itself as a politician is compromised in varying degrees. Just my view, but the truth is not currently available.

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