Will Transhumanism Be The End Game For Humanity As We Know It?

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Epic Speech Lays Out The Globalist Plan For a Post-Human Future


Tranhumanism is the transitional stage towards a world without humanity as we know it according to entrepreneur and artist Laura Aboli

In a powerful speech which is going viral on social media, Aboli explains the nefarious purpose of the transgender movement.

Aboli says it is an evil psy-op with a clear agenda bringing us closer to transhumanism by making us question the most fundamental notion of human identity, our gender.

She warns we must reject any step that aim to get us closer to a post human dystopian reality.

Infowars reports: Aboli explained at the Better Way Conference in June how the transgender movement, contrary to claims that it’s a grassroots movement based on self-expression, is actually a top-down globalist initiative to break apart the nuclear family and “eradicate humanity as we know it.”

“Most, if not all, that has transcended over the past 60 years was designed to get us closer to accepting such a dystopian reality,” Aboli said. “Whether you care to accept it or not, we live in a hyper-controlled matrix where our perception of reality is meticulously planned, managed and executed in order to control and steer us in whichever direction they wish.”

“And the direction is a post-human world.”

“For this they first needed to destabilize, dehumanize, and demoralize humanity through every means possible: the destruction of the nuclear family, children being indoctrinated by the state, abortion, the eradication of God and spirituality from education, life in megacities and away from nature, toxic food, air and water, social media replacing real human connection and interaction, engineered financial crisis, taxation, endless wars and massive migration, stress, anxiety, depression, drugs and alcohol, constant fear-mongering, moral relativism as the new religion, and I could go on and on about how humanity has been influenced and forced to move away from all the things that give us strength, security, purpose and meaning.”

“A weak, immoral, disconnected, ignorant and unhealthy population is an easy target for the next stage: the creation of an entire generation of androgynous beings,” she continued.

“The transgender movement is not a grassroots movement. It comes from the top. It has nothing to do with people’s freedom of expression, sexuality or civil rights. It’s an evil psy-op with a clear agenda: to get us closer to transhumanism by making us question the most fundamental notion of human identity, our gender,” she concluded.

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