German Mayor Clubbed Unconscious For Supporting Refugees

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german mayor

The mayor of a small town in northern Germany has been beaten unconscious by unknown assailants after announcing plans to house a family of asylum seekers.

The 61-year-old German mayor is recovering in hospital.

Xenophobic attacks are on the rise and people are joining far-right Neo-Nazi groups in protest against Angela Merkel’s open door policy on refugees entering Germany.

An influx of over a million refugees from North Africa and the Middle East into Germany has brought with it a wave of crime and rising nationalism.

Zero Hedge reports:

The most recent example of backlash over the migrant crisis comes from the small German town of Oersdorf in Northern Germany. The Mayor of Oersdorf, Joachim Kebschull (61), was recently beaten unconscious outside of the city’s Town Hall where the construction committee was meeting to discuss a new housing development for migrants. The mayor was apparently struck with a club from behind as he stepped out the Town Hall building to get a laptop from his car.german mayor

According to The Telegraph, just hours before the committee meeting Kebschull received a threatening letter saying:

“He who will not listen will have to feel.”

“Oersdorf for Oersdorfers”

According to DW, Kebschull had been receiving threats for months.  In fact, the committee meeting had already been postponed twice over bomb threats.

The controversy surrounded a local subsidized housing revitalization where the mayor wanted to offer apartments to asylum-seekers.  “If we could also offer a family of refugees a new home in our village, we would like to take this opportunity and make a small contribution to people who had to flee their homes,” the association said in a statement on its website.

Kebschull is still in the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.

The attack occurred in the small North German city of Oersdorf just north of Hamburg. Oersdorf has less than 900 residents.german mayor

“We cancan’t do this?”


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