Angelina Jolie Urges Kids To Eat Scorpions and Tarantulas As WEF Ramps Up Insect Agenda

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Angelina Jolie is the latest Hollywood celebrity to promote the World Economic Forum’s campaign to force humanity to eat bugs, insects and crickets.

During an interview with the BBC, Jolie encouraged children to eat tarantulas and scorpions that she cooked on a hot plate during the segment. The clip, posted to the BBC News Twitter account beings with Angelina, surrounded  by some of her children, taking out the teeth of a spider.

According to Jolie, humanity must stop eating meat and learn to savor the delicacies of the insect kingdom in order to save the planet from climate change.


Humans are set to become walking parasites if the global elite get their way and everybody gives up meat and starts eating bugs and crickets.

Scientific research reveals these insects contain the perfect “armor” that parasites and pathogens use to infect humans and animals and spread disease inside them.

If you start eating insects regularly, because you believe this will save the earth from global warming or “climate change,” you may be putting yourself (and any children you have) directly in harm’s way, assisting the evil agenda of globalists who want to depopulate the planet. Watch:

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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