German Scientists Develop Teleportation

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German scientists develop teleportation device

German scientists have announced that they have successfully developed a form of teleportation over short distances. 

The German physicists from the Friedrich Schiller University say they have used a series of laser beams to transmit information instantaneously without any loss of time. reports:

The German scientists said that teleportation was possible in Newtonian physics, although its mechanism differs from physics of elementary particles.

“Elementary particles such as electrons and light particles exist per se in a spatially delocalized state,” Alexander Szameit, a professor at the University of Jena, explained in a press release.

“Within such a system spread across multiple locations, it is possible to transmit information from one location to another without any loss of time,” he added.

According to the scientists, laser beams can interact at a classic level using special polarizing plates that rotate at a certain speed. A special device is used to transmit information from one beam to another.

The scientists said that it was an act of local teleportation that can be possible only at short distances.

This technology can not be used for the teleportation of a human being or any other matter.

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