Germany Propose 3 Year Jail Sentences for People Who Burn the EU Flag

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New German law proposes 3 year jail sentences for those who burn the EU flag

People in Germany could face 3 year jail sentences for the ‘crime’ of burning an EU flag or insulting the ‘anthem’ of the European Union, under newly proposed laws.

Yes, really.

According to new legislation being pushed by German officials, damaging “the symbols of the European Union” could result in a fine or a custodial term of up to three years.

Lawmakers in Saxony are attempting to pass a bill which seeks “to take firm and effective action against those whose aim is to disparage the fundamental values of the European Union” by attacking “the reputation of the symbols of the European Union,” German regional newspaper Saabrücker Zeitung reported.

The proposed law would target individuals who remove, destroy, damage or make the European Union flag unusable. reports: According to proponents of the bill, the EU flag represents “a commandment of self-esteem” which as a founding member of the institution, Germany must “protect against malicious contempt”.

Ludicrously, the law would also ban disparaging Beethoven’s Ode to Joy, which has been co-opted as the European Union’s de-facto ‘national anthem’.

Globalists appear to be attempting to mandate a kind of faux-patriotism by forcing people to cherish the symbols of a bureaucratic institution which means absolutely nothing to them.

French President Emmanuel Macron Emmanuel Macron previously pushed through legislation that made displaying the EU flag inside all classrooms mandatory.


  1. Anybody who burns the EU flag should be given a box of chocolates and a bottle of wine…not a jail sentence

  2. Next they’ll be imprisoning people who might be thinking about burning any of the authoritarian EU’s symbols.

    • Growing up…If I only had a nickel for every tough talking fellow American who told me, “Oh, that’ll never happen in America”. Yada yada yada Well “it” did happen.. SMH

      • Not only that, but even Europe, the land of gutless, mindless, idiots, has not surpassed us in most daily categories.

        I know, big and bad. Yet I constantly remind people that our only saving grace was the second-generation suburbanites who had the freedom and lax upbringing to “just do things”. Even THAT has failed and most Americans are flocking to commuter areas in rural counties.

        Other than that, the rest of the country is a failed experiment. The cities are all failures, the bigger they are, the worse they are. The rural is 3rd world, the country/out-there areas are 2nd world at best and even the wealthy areas suck and are full of vitriol and angst.

        All this country has left is quite literally a small population of normal people from city, suburb, rural, or other who don’t even know each other, who fight to survive everyday. When the country no longer allows the sustainment of these people, and they are forced to move to Asia, Europe, South America or other places, the country will then entirely collapse.

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