Russia Prepares For NATO’s Declaration Of War

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Russia is ready for NATO's impending declaration of war

NATO has deployed military personnel and weapons on the Russian border in readiness to declare war on Russia, according to Mike Billington, Asia editor for the Executive Intelligence Review

According to Billington Russia is making the necessary plans to fight World War 3, possibly as early as this summer. reports:

Press TV has interviewed Mike Billington, from the Asia Desk of the Executive Intelligence Review in Leesburg, about Russia condemning NATO for granting membership to Montenegro.

The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: It is pretty much obvious that the NATO members will ratify the accession of Montenegro. What does it mean to have Montenegro as a member of NATO?

Billington: It is just one small step actually but the process has been going on since the fall of the Soviet Union. This is well-known, at the time Mr. and Mrs. LaRouche, my organization put forward the idea for a New Silk Road to connect Europe and Asia through Russia and thereby bringing Eastern Europe and Russia up economically into collaboration with us on the building of a common aims of mankind approach to the world, this was accepted by the Chinese but it was …, the Russians were in a crisis stage at that point but the Europeans absolutely rejected it and instead chose to begin the process of moving NATO right up to Russia’s border, creating a new enemy image in the Russians and to primarily prevent the kind of proposal that the LaRouche has put forward which is uniting the Eurasian nations – Europe, Russia and China – around development.

This was seen as an enemy. This was seen as the threat to the power of the London, New York financial institutions and that has now come full swing. We are at a point where not only is NATO moving up to Russia’s border but we are watching the most massive deployment of military forces by Obama with the British running this show right up to the Russian border preparing for the World War III, this is recognized in Russia as a preparation for World War III, then Montenegro is just one next step in a long process which is escalating towards an explosion which could happen as early as this summer.

They are very, very upset not about Putin in Ukraine, as they say, but about Putin in Syria where he exposed the fact that the West was allied with the Saudis in funding and arming terrorists and Putin demonstrated you could defeat terrorism if you cut off the supply line from Obama’s friends in Saudi Arabia and Turkey and so forth and in the last week, by the way, Putin has intervened very forcefully into Asia and the Obama encirclement of China with military forces and the Philippines efforts to get ballistic missiles in Korea has been given a severe blow by the fact that Putin and Prime Minister Abe from Japan have established an extremely ambitious agreement for the development of the Russian Far East moving towards the settlement of the World War II territorial issues and pulling the plug on Obama’s use of Japan as a military ally, as they like to call it, against China.

And as you probably know Putin is hosting the Southeast Asian countries in Sochi again on the basis of what they call a strategic alliance for the common good and it is this idea of a common good against the geopolitics of the British and the Americans, the bloc mentality, the alliance’s mentality. No, let’s build the world jointly. This is what is seen as the enemy to the Obama, British war machine is to stop this emergence of the BRICS, the New International Development Banks that they are putting together and to effectively enforce a breakdown policy.

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