Global Statement Released On Severe Injuries Caused By HPV Vaccine

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An international symposium was held in March 2018 at the University of Tokyo, attended by representatives from the UK, Ireland, Japan, Colombia and Spain to discuss the needs of victims who have suffered, and in some cases died, as a result of the HPV vaccine.

The symposium  on “The Current Status of Worldwide Injuries from the HPV Vaccine” was held held on March 24 and allowed doctors, medical experts and victims to detail the severe side-effects and damages that have been caused by the HPV vaccine.

On behalf of all the victims a statement was released which concluded:

“In the face of this medical tragedy, which is now occurring on a global scale, we call on the media to raise awareness of the dire consequences of this critical social and healthcare issue, and we call upon governments, vaccine makers and healthcare experts to:

• Conduct a protracted follow-up study, by a neutral third party, of the health status of all those who received the HPV vaccines.
• Promote researches to develop effective therapies to treat the side effects of the HPV vaccines.
• Provide treatment, and support HPV vaccine victims in daily activities, education, and employment.
• Disseminate information about ALL possible side effects, in the form of a Patient Information Leaflet to be given to children, adolescents, and parents so that they can make an informed decision regarding the HPV vaccination based on fundamental human rights to Informed Consent.
• Cease all advertisement campaigns which promote the HPV vaccination without highlighting the full risks.
• Suspend recommendation of HPV vaccines for routine immunization, until a safer system is established ensuring that serious side effects are avoided.
• Refrain from actions that discriminate against, or slander HPV vaccine victims.”

The reports: Anna Cannon of Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma (REGRET) representing Ireland was among the speakers at the international event.

Hundreds of thousands of girls including many in Ireland have suffered severe reactions to the HPV vaccine that was pushed by the government at the behest of the WHO however, the victims of the vaccine have had their complaints dismissed out of hand.

The statement listed the symptoms that have been reported by victims of the vaccine which include intense pain, paralysis, motor dysfunction and respiratory dysfunction and impaired learning abilities to name a few.

The statement has criticised the epidemiological approach to detecting side effects of the vaccine as this is not designed to detect the symptoms of HPV vaccine damage.

It was concluded that the negative effects of HPV are likely to affect people with already weak or compromised immune systems.

The statement also noted the shocking treatment of victims from medical authorities, national governments and the media.

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