Billions Of Dollars Of Gold To Be Unearthed Under Oroville Dam

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Billions of dollars worth of gold about to be unearthed under Oroville dam

Billions of dollars worth of gold is being unearthed below the displaced Oroville dam spill, which authorities fear will spark a ‘gold rush’. 

Millions of cubic yards of “virgin soil” and bedrock are being displaced below the Oroville dam. The impressive amounts of earth being moved exceeds the amounts seen during the gold rush era of the 1800s in the same era. reports:

The area is heavily guarded, patrolled by several agencies, some have little to do with earth moving.

Several workers were fired for posting pictures of the spillway online.

The spillway is designed exactly like a giant sluice box.

Water will continue to destroy the mountainside and expose new earth well into summer 2017.

Gold will accumulate just downstream of the spillway in cracks and veins.

If the entire dam goes, billions of dollars of gold will be unearthed.

Oroville Lake is the site of the submerged gold mine of Bidwell Bar, one of the first to begin the California Gold Rush. The native Maidu Indians were tricked into trading gold rocks for items of very little value. The MAURU-tanian King Juba of North Africa ruled over the port of OPHIR, where Solomon received his gold once every 3 years.

Oroville was originally named Ophir City, after the gold port of Solomon in North Africa. Yuba is the Berber pronounciation of King Juba, a North African Roman ruler, who was married to the daughter of Cleopatra.

Mount Ophir, further south, was the location of the very first Gold Coin Mint in California run by the Assayer, Humbert.
Is state sponsored Freemason gold mining at the expense of taxpayer dollars and public safety now underway? The heavily guarded, media censored spillway, and stretches of river beneath it, may yield billions of dollars in GOLD as tons of rock and sediment have been dislodged from the mountainside. As soon as water levels subside this summer, let the new California gold rush begin!!! The state will most certainly pick clean the off limits areas. But, you can bet that further downstream there wil be gold to be had.

The videos below delve deeper into all the proof surrounding this very peculiar dam and its history!

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