Google Whistleblower Exposes Big Tech Plot to Rig Election Against Trump

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A Google whistleblower has stepped forward to expose a plot by the Big Tech giant to rig the presidential election by promoting negative information about President Trump while censoring and suppressing bad press on Joe Biden.

Google Cloud Program Manager Ritesh Lakhkar says Google is holding Democrats and Republicans to different standards in an attempt to alter public perceptions of the parties and swing elections in favor of their preferred candidates.

Google’s actions are “morally” and “ethically” wrong, admits Lakhkar.

“If Trump wins, there will be riots. And if the left wins, they will be ecstatic,” he told Project Veritas.

Lakhkar says Google and Big Tech are “playing God” by “taking away freedom of speech.”

Specifically, he cited tweets from President Trump being deleted.

“So, I’m like, you’re playing selective God,” Lakhkar explained.

“Like, if it was fraud it doesn’t matter, but for Trump, Melania Trump, it matters.

“And, on the other side, Trump says something, misinformation. 

“You’re gonna delete that because it’s illegal under whatever pretext.

“And if a Democratic leader says that, then you’re gonna leave it. 

“So I’m like, okay, you’re not following one way or the other. 

“You are just plain and simple trying to play God.”

The Google employee said Google also “plays God” with YouTube as well.

YouTube routinely decides what content to keep and what content to delete, according to Town Hall.

Lakhkar said YouTube acts as God when they’re “deleting all the controversial stuff. Deleting all the KKK stuff. 

“Deleting all the anti-apartheid and anti-Semitism. All that stuff.”

While he agrees with getting rid of those things, Lakhkar said it creates a freedom of speech issue.

“Both sides need to get their opinion,” Lakhkar explained.

When someone performs a Google search for “Donald Trump” the results are roundly negative.

When a search for “Joe Biden” comes up the results are overwhelmingly positive, with none of his current scandals appearing on the page.

That’s because the results are “skewed by the owners and drivers of the algorithm.”

Lakhkar explained that a person can pay Google “millions of dollars” for a specific set of results to come up when a person searches the term “Joe Biden.”

Interestingly,, Lakhkar also admitted Google is “the worst” company he’s worked for when it comes to following a radical leftist agenda. 

“When I worked for Caterpillar or Corning, politics didn’t really matter,” he explained.

“You just do your job and, ‘Let’s make tractors, let’s make glass.’ 

“Here it’s like your opinion matters more than your work.”

The militant leftism at the company is so bad that when President Trump won in 2016, Lakhkar said “people were crying in the corridors at Google.”

“There were protests. There were marches,” he said. 

“There were, I guess, group therapy sessions for employees, organized by HR.”

Snowflake employees were so distraught and depressed by the result that Google allowed them to take time off because Trump’s win was a “shocking event.”

One of Lakhkar’s biggest concerns is Google and FitBit’s outsourcing of American jobs.

He said that he was sent to China to teach people how to do the jobs Americans are doing on behalf of both companies.

“These companies are gonna go in and be in bed with the Chinese Communist Party,” he said bluntly.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

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  1. Its the City, and associates ,and Vatican who want Trump replaced by their choice ,Biden .All the underlings faithfully and loyally serve those two .Trumps in theie way.

  2. The article is good because it informs the public of important facts.

    However, the whistle blower fails to identify the owners of Google and its parent company Alphabet, who are all Jewish.

    Larry Page
    Sergei Brin
    Ruth Porat
    Jews are notorious for pushing Democrat-Neocon ideology in the US and in the world.

    Jewish Democrat-Neocon ideology includes anti-constitution sedition, protected class victim cult privileges and entitlements, totalitarian democracy, and Israeli disinformation.

    For example, Jewish Democrat-Neocons push Feminism as a world-wide ideal.

    In reality, all Feminist are liars.

    Feminist claim they want equality, but in reality they demand unconstitutional privileges for women.

    Feminist claim they are independent, but in reality they are all highly dependent on a totalitarian government they helped to create.

    Feminist claim they are strong, but in reality they demand reduced physical standards for women in jobs such as a fireman, policeman, military, and professional sports.

    Feminist claim they are smart, but in reality they demand government cronyism like Affirmative Action that grants undue privileges based on their female victim cult status verses a meritocracy.

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