Google’s Near Perfect Face Recognition System – FaceNet

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Google’s FaceNet can detect a face in a 260 million image database with almost 100% accuracy.

In a wild database sample called ‘Labeled Faces in the Wild’, taken from all over the internet- a sample of 13,000 faces, it was accurate nearly 86% of the time. It is claimed to be the most accurate system of its kind in recognizing faces. It even puts a name to the face it recognizes, which distinguishes FaceNet from other facial recognition software.

Sputnik News reports:

This isn’t the first time a system uses face recognition so accurately – in fact the artificial intelligence technique it uses is called deep learning to train machines to perform even better than humans at recognizing faces — but what is different about the Google method is that not only does it recognize a face with such high accuracy, it also puts a name to that face. Additionally, it shows collections of faces that look the most similar or the most distinct.
It’s still mostly in the research phase, but supporters say it can develop into a system that can help with medical procedures, surveillance, and crime fighting, and even online dating for those so inclined.
Researchers tell Fortune magazine that it’ll likely be used first on social media sites like Facebook to “tag” photos and search for people, since the system would be able to recognize people even when the pictures aren’t labeled.

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