NRA Membership Soars To Record High As Corporate Boycott Backfires

Fact checked
Hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined the NRA in the past week, pushing membership of the association to a record high.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have joined the National Rifle Association in the past week, pushing membership of the oldest civil rights association in the country to an all-time record high.

The NRA now boasts over 5.5 million paying members, up from just over 5 million before the liberal outrage mob decided to blame the organization for the Florida school shooting and pressure corporate sponsors to cut longstanding ties with the association.

A dozen corporations who offered discounts to NRA members have cowered in the face of liberal mob bullying and ended their association, but the corporate boycott is beginning to backfire and it appears the companies ending their relationships will have no lasting effects on the NRA — and seem to be actually help the pro-Second Amendment organization expand its membership.

Before last week, membership in the National Rifle Association meant gaining access to a broad range of discounts from corporate partners including Delta, United Airlines, and Hertz.

In response to the NRA boycott, thousands of people are posting on social media they have decided to join the NRA because they believe in freedom, the Second Amendment and stand opposed to the liberal outrage mob unfairly placing responsibility on the NRA for the Florida shooting.

Others posted they had upgraded their memberships to higher levels.

Since the boycott the NRA’s phones have been ringing off the hook. Call center workers who usually sign up a few people per day now have a few people on hold at all times. They are signing one person up after another.

The #TweetYourNRAMembership hashtag contains thousands of posts and the number of people joining the NRA is swelling. Hundreds of thousands of people have joined the NRA because of the boycott, and it appears the boycott will only help the NRA — not hurt it.

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry

Baxter Dmitry is a writer at The People's Voice. He covers politics, business and entertainment. Speaking truth to power since he learned to talk, Baxter has travelled in over 80 countries and won arguments in every single one. Live without fear.
Baxter Dmitry


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    • Me Too ! Now is the time,more than ever to protect our 2nd amendment from the lying liberal media.

  1. Has anyone compiled the full list of cowering companies?
    Cause, I kinda wanna boycott them, at least for now. XD

    • – Enterprise
      – Wyndham
      – Metlife
      – Hertz
      – Best Western
      – First National Bank
      – Alamo
      – National
      – Symantec
      – Chubb
      – SIRVA

      • Anyone else smell something fishy in this business? Why is it the car rental, hotel and insurance companies are the first to strike out at NRA members? Beyond doing a reverse boycott, we need to understand who is managing these companies, who is on their BOD’s, and who is paying them off or threatening them to toe the line on social justice issues. It is not smart business.

      • Are there any car rental places left?
        Odd thing is, I have never used any of the discounts anyway, never bothered to check into them.

    Hysterical Liberals ALWAYS talk of “gun control”.
    Though they NEVER talk about gun CONFISCATION,
    which in itself is their greatest deception.
    Because WHENEVER they are talking about “gun control”,
    Thomas E Schaefer, NRA new Endowment Member (MD)

    • The infamous gun grabber Sarah Brady told us why the Communist Democrats want to take away our guns when she said. “IF WE ARE EVER TO REALIZE OUR DREAM OF A SOCIALIST (COMMUNIST) AMERICA WE MUST TAKE THE GUNS FROM THE HANDS OF THOSE WHO WOULD OPPOSE US.”

    • Because it is always about CONTROL. Which includes doing what they want including confiscation.

    • Don’t forget the Chicken sheriffs of Broward Cty, and the FBI. It boggles the mind how you can go from a lone shooter and derelict police, to blaming the NRA and gun owners for this atrocity. But then, we are talking about the looney Left.

  3. I joined tonight. After all these years, it just felt right. I’m not a joiner, but this is different, somehow.

  4. I almost feel sorry for giving the NRA so much work to do… I became a member myself a short while ago.

  5. I am through supporting Trump now that he has come out calling for laws that ban so called Assault Rifles and his support of gun control and his wanting to go pick up peoples guns without a court order. He is not supporting the 2nd Amendment and his snide remarks about the NRA during that meeting made me sick. He does not support the NRA and that is obvious. I now know him for the liar he is. I have gone from supporting him to a point I would not even piss on him if he were on fire and wanted the fire out.

    • He’s playing the gun control crowd for the fools they are.
      Lighten up.
      Don’t you remember the hub-bub when he proposed the 1.8 million DACA number? He knew the Dems would never support it, so he called their bluff.
      he’s doing the same thing now.

  6. I joined after the Vegas shooting and the outpouring of hate to gun-owners and the NRA that followed. (I also joined the GOA)

  7. I extended my membership by 2 years even though I just extended it last year. If they get blamed again for a shooting they had nothing to do with I’ll probably pay the $1000 and get a life membership.

  8. I joined for 5 years for $100. I had been procrastinating about renewing my membership since it lapsed over a year ago. But this whole boycott bulls_hit made my decision easy. Glad I did it.

  9. Funny I wasn’t going to renew my membership for the NRA, but thanks to CNN Communist News Network ,and the FBI goofy I forgot my lines son, and the bald headed girl clown , I not only joined, but added 2 family members! Another loosing plan by the deep state…

  10. I re-joined for 2 years….should get a 3rd from Taurus after buying a snub .357! (could carry….more likely store in trunk of car)
    I had bailed on the NRA many years ago after not seeing them jump to the defense of patriots who found themselves besieged by Leftists. (still irritates….NRA should be doing this with their millions instead of contributing to politicians….let them come to us)

    2nd Amendment rules!….not the Leftists!! Shout it out throughout the Land!
    (I’m in hog-heaven….and Hogg hell! Ah-hah-hah-hah!)

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