MH370 Controlled ‘Until Very End’ At Diego Garcia. Emirates Head Criticises Gov’t CoverUp

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From Before It’s News (source link):

Head of a major international airline has turned whistleblower on the MH370 government coverup by criticising the Australian government-led mission to locate the Malaysia Airlines flight and passengers and by throwing doubt on the entire official story. He believes the Boeing 777 was always under control but that officials have not been transparent about the whereabouts of it or its 239 passengers.

Emirates Airlines head Tim Clark has thrown doubt on the official line that the aircraft carrying 239 people when it disappeared in March, flew south on autopilot for five hours until it ran out of fuel and plummeted into the water.

“MH370 was, in my opinion, under control, probably until the very end,” Mr. Clark said, fueling the MH370 Diego Garcia theory link.

Much of the public believe that Diego Garcia was used in the MH370 covert operation, a belief viewed by some officials as justifiable due to the extraordinary cyber technologists and managers on board along with equally extraordinary new technology some of them were taking to China.

In June, Dupré reported:

Whoever altered the path of the jet, and disabled ACARS and the transponder, “had to be a passenger or crew member who knew how this airliner is flown, and how those systems are disabled, in great detail,” reports stated.”

“The obvious is that hijacking the plane, maybe even flying it remotely as a drone, Obama’s weapon of choice, and kidnapping the passengers (rendering), are CIA and military operations. Not only that, they have become standard operating procedures by the CIA, the US military and allies. (Official: MH370 Military Expertise Hijack. Diego Garcia, High-Value Detainees Rendered More Likely)

The low altitude flying fit a mid-April report by Malaysia’s New Straits Times newspaper that co-pilot Fariq Abdul Hamid attempted to make a mid-flight phone call shortly before the plane went off radar. For the phone signal to reach the reported telecommunications tower near the Malaysian city of Penang, the plane would needed to have been flying under 7000 feet, the Independent reported.”

The newspaper report said the signal ended abruptly before contact was established.

The US “will not tolerate foreign government efforts to sabotage American companies,” Mr Holder declared this week.

The Chinese alleged stolen secrets were of “significant and demand an aggressive response”. They endangered US economic security, that “in turn is directly linked to our national security.”

According to the indictments handed down by a grand jury in Pennsylvania – where most of the alleged victims are based – the five charged are officers in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, who led a conspiracy to steal information.

The hacking “appears to have been conducted for no reason other than to advantage state-owned companies and other interests in China, at the expense of businesses here in the United States,” Mr Holder said.

The Obama administration is covering up what really happened to flight MH370, according to Malaysia’s influential former prime minister Dr. Mahathir, concurring with Deborah Dupré’s March 2014 Before It’s News report, MH370: US Knows Exactly Where It Is, How It Got There (Video).

In an interview with with German magazine Der Spiegel, Mr. Clark questioned the official story and government coverup, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

Emirates Airlines that Mr. Clark heads operates more Boeing 777 jets than any other airline in the world. Mr. Clark would be well aware that Boeings have been previously used in secret Diego Garcia landings as well as drug-connected landings in the Maldives.

Mr Clark said more transparency is needed about available information. Transparency, however, is not what the Diego Garcia military bases is noted for providing. Instead, it is noted for secrecy and abuse, including renditioning kidnapped victims of the US war on everyone not working for its global domination.

“There is plenty of information out there, which we need to be far more forthright, transparent and candid about, Mr. Clark said. “Every single second of that flight needs to be examined up until it, theoretically, ended up in the Indian Ocean – for which they still haven’t found a trace, not even a seat cushion.”

Clark questioned more about the official MH370 story line .

“Our experience tells us that in water incidents, where the aircraft has gone down, there is always something. We have not seen a single thing that suggests categorically that this aircraft is where they say it is, apart from this so-called electronic satellite “handshake,” which I question as well.”

Investigators have been reportedly searching for the missing Boeing 777 along the seventh arc – or the final satellite “handshake” – where officials report to the public that the aircraft ran out of fuel and went into descent.

Mr Clark, however, said “not even a seat cushion” of evidence exists that the plane ended up there and all the “facts” needed to be re-examined.

“There hasn’t been one overwater incident in the history of civil aviation – apart from Amelia Earhart in 1939 – that has not been at least 5 or 10 percent trackable. But MH370 has simply disappeared,” he said.

‘Totally Dissatisfied’

“For me, that raises a degree of suspicion. I’m totally dissatisfied with what has been coming out of all of this.”

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau released a report this week saying end of flight simulators showed the MH370 entered a “descending, spiralling” turn into the southern Indian ocean.

Investigators confirmed they shifted their search efforts further south after refined analysis of flight and satellite data. ATSB chief commissioner Martin Dolan said there was a “high probability” that the wreckage of the plane would be found in the new search area, but no certainty.

“[Clark] is correct. No one can be categorical,” Mr Dolan said. “There are a range of scenarios that woud fit the data, it’s just that some are more likely than others and there is a high probablity that the aircraft will be found close to the ark.”

Mr Clark said manufacturers needed to make it impossible for communications and tracking devices on the flight deck to be disabled, so monitoring of aircraft could continue uninterrupted regardless of who was in control.

“I do not subscribe to the view that the Boeing 777, which is one of the most advanced in the world and has the most advanced communication platforms, needs to be improved with the introduction of some kind of additional tracking system,” Mr Clark said.

“MH370 should never have been allowed to enter a non-trackable situation.”

The Pentagon’s military search and rescue training operations occurring at the time MH370 went missing and the Pentagon’s refusing to provide information are what one official asserted as being “unforgivable,” as is the fact that another Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 was shown to have been used in a highly suspicious way, at the same time, and covered up.

More: MH370 Hidden Agenda: US Military Tests, ‘Unforgivable,’ Malaysia PM Top Aide Says

The “search” for missing flight 370 and its 239 passengers en route from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing when it so-called “mysteriously vanished” on March 8, resumed this week.

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