Google’s Top Priority Is Outright Censorship Of The Internet Insiders Warn

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Google insiders have been warning that Google’s top priority is gaining “outright censorship” of the internet.

They also say that employees has been intimidated into silence, though many of them known as the “rebels of Google” have decided to speak out

Another area of the Internet where widespread censorship is also taking place is YouTube, the Google-owned video sharing website

YouTube revealed on their official blog recently that they would be taking action to censor what they consider to be “hate speech” and “violent extremism.” And now they have already started.

Natural News reports:

Recently, a Google employee who goes by the alias “Hal” spoke to Breitbart News about the political bias that allegedly runs rampant throughout the company. Hal’s interview with Breitbart is the first in a series entitled “Rebels of Google,” which will be published in full within the next few days.

In the interview, Hal, who understandably chose to use a fake name out of fear of losing his job, spoke about the ongoing effort within Google to suppress certain content that the company doesn’t want the public to have easy access to.

“Many people now fear that Google, Facebook and other companies are moving to control and censor their content. Are these fears justified?” asked Breitbart reported Allum Bokhari. “That is absolutely what Google is trying to do,” Hal replied. “The pro-censorship voices are very loud, and they have the management’s ear. The anti-censorship people are afraid of retaliation, and people are afraid to openly support them because everyone in their management chain is constantly signaling their allegiance to far-left ideology. Our leadership (Sundar in particular) is weak, so he capitulates to the meanest bullies on the block.”

The news is particularly damning to conservatives, who in recent years have been working to establish a stronghold on the Internet considering the fact that all other outlets, from the mainstream media to Hollywood, are run by leftists. A prominent example of this is Mark Levin’s LevinTV, which is an Internet-based conservative program launched last year that puts out new episodes every weeknight. If Google is actively working to censor ideas and information that do not align with the progressive ideology, conservative voices on the Internet could be in serious trouble.


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  2. I am being continually being ADVISED by google not to go on this site B.I.N. NESARA and VETERANS TODAY which I of course completely ignore so we the PEOPLE must find another supplier O.K.

  3. Sounds right. Google is a marxist pile of shit. But sadly, they do have a few monopoly services that are hard to beat. One is Android. And no, Apple is not better (they are far worse). Another is their search engine. And if you don’t want to give any money to use to CIA [Project] Verizon or FBI AT&T, then Project Fi is another clever one that gets you on Sprint and T-Mobile, two good networks when combined unless you’re in a few random rural areas out west most people aren’t in.

    And no, I am not switching to Windows phone or some other nonsense. And no, I’m not refusing a cell phone in the modern world. The whole world and all corporate created services all share the same agendas. It is best people use what works best for them and use as many tools to avoid data sharing as possible. But in the end, why take advantage of technology when everything about me gets shared anyways?

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