Gov. Cuomo: We Didn’t Have Hurricanes and Tornadoes Before Climate Change

Fact checked
Gov. Cuomo claims America did not have hurricanes or tornados before climate change

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has warned that hurricanes, superstorms, and tornadoes are on the rise because of anthropogenic climate change.

While discussing the flooding in New York State on MSNBC Friday, Cuomo declared “anyone who questions extreme weather and climate change is just delusional at this point. We have seen in the state of New York what every one has seen. We see these weather patterns that we never had before.”

We didn’t have hurricanes. We didn’t have superstorms. We didn’t have tornadoes. This is a storm that came up just overnight, dropped about five inches of rain, and it was literally a matter of life or death for people.

He then added, “I was at one of the sites this morning, a river overcame its banks with five inches of water, ran through a residential neighborhood. The streets looked like rivers themselves.”

“People were trapped in their homes. The one home you’re mentioning was people were afraid the house itself was going to be swept away. Luckily we train with the swift water rescue teams, and they literally took five people out of the home, including an infant, but it was a very dangerous and very precarious situation. Thank God we have the best first responders, I believe, in the United States, and everyone got off safely. But this is a recurring pattern, and anyone who is still in denial is making a very serious mistake.”



  1. Quote: Cuomo: We Didn’t Have Hurricanes and Tornadoes Before Climate Change??
    As per memorable John Mc Enroe saying ?? YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS ?

  2. Actually Cuomo, those weather disasters are on the rise because of HAARP (high altitude aurora research project). Basically they direct energy from the Northern lights towards the earths ionsphere, and they heat the earth’s ionsphere and they are able to manipulate the weather, causing earthquakes, typhoon, etc, etc. Many of these ideas were reflected in Tesla’s experimentation. The whole thing here is to remember that god said if we break his commandments that he would send us weather disasters, plagues, the edge of sword, etc, and as far as i can see our world is in rebellion against god. Even most Christians these days are clueless “Im a nice person, i know i will go to heaven” “I have faith so i am saved” “Hail Mary?????”……..actually god made a set of commandments, if you live by them you thrive, if you live against them you will receive misery, illness and pain in this life and be cast into the lake of fire in the next. Repentance of sins, living by the commandments, accepting Jesus, and “SERVING AND LOVING JESUS” is the key. Love thy neighbor and love god……… in this case meanings refuting the deceived and helping them repent their sins, not being “Nice” and letting them continue in their sinful paths and burn in the lake of fire to die the second death. Read Deuteronomy 28 kjv

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