Greta Thunberg Struggled With Autism & An Eating Disorder Before Discovering Her Mission To Save The World Says Her Mother

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Greta Thunberg’s Mother has revealed her daughters transformation from an 11-year-old who stopped talking and eating into the world’s most powerful voice on climate change.

Greta was ‘disappearing into some kind of darkness’, struggling with an eating disrder and autism before discovering her mission to save the world her mother Malena Ernman says in another new book written by the Thunberg family.

The Mail Online rpeorts: She describes how Greta, now the world’s most recognised climate change activist, became unwell aged 11.

Psychiatrists diagnosed her with autism, which Ernman describes as ‘high-functioning Asperger’s’, as well as obsessive compulsive disorder.

‘She was slowly disappearing into some kind of darkness,’ Ernman writes.

‘She stopped playing the piano. She stopped laughing. She stopped talking. And she stopped eating.’

Malena Ernman has told of her daughter’s struggle with autism and an eating disorder in a new book written by the Thunberg family. Singer Ms Ernman is pictured above

Ernman, a celebrated Swedish opera singer, and her actor husband, Svante Thunberg, reveal their difficulty in coping with their daughter’s increasing silence and refusal to eat anything except tiny amounts of rice, avocado and gnocchi.

‘After two months of not eating, Greta has lost almost 10kg [1.5st], which is a lot when you are rather small to begin with,’ Ernman writes.

‘Her body temperature is low and her pulse and blood pressure clearly indicate signs of starvation.

‘She no longer has the energy to take the stairs and her scores on the depression tests she takes are sky high.’

Thunberg, now 17, addressed United Nations Climate Change summits in 2018 and 2019 as part of her campaign to raise awareness over global warming. 

Last year she became Time magazine’s youngest ever Person of the Year after regularly trading barbs with US President Donald Trump.

In extracts of the family’s book, which is called Our House Is On Fire: Scenes Of A Family And A Planet In Crisis, serialised in The Observer, Ernman tells of how Thunberg’s epiphany over the climate crisis shifted her mood.

After watching a film in class about rubbish in the oceans, the young girl became gripped with concern.

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