Greta Thunberg’s Mother Claims Her Daughter Can ‘See’ CO2

Fact checked

According to her Mother, teen climate activist Greta Thunberg has a “sixth sense” – in this case the ability to actually see carbon dioxide (CO2) molecules floating around in the atmosphere.

In her book, Scenes from the Heart: Our Life for the Climate, Malena Ernman, who represented Sweden in the 2009 Eurovision song contest, contended that her daughter had been “gifted” with a supernatural ability to visualize CO2 levels…… everywhere that she went.

When challenged about her claims, Malena told reporters in a text message that it was only about the ‘imagery’.

Natural News reports: Having been diagnosed with obsessive-compulsive disorder and Asperger’s syndrome at a young age, just like her younger sister Beata, Greta is “different” from other children, claims her mom. Besides having a photographic memory, Greta supposedly knows all of the world’s capitals by heart, and can list all of the chemical elements on the periodic table in one minute or less.

“Greta is able to see what other people cannot see,” Malena further explains about Greta in her book. “She can see carbon dioxide with the naked eye. She sees how it flows out of chimneys and changes the atmosphere in (sic) a landfill.”

Malena, who supports Antifa along with her husband, admits that Greta was indoctrinated with climate propaganda from a very young age. Seeing photos of plastic in the ocean and hearing about global warming at schools reportedly caused “a landslide in Greta’s environment” that would ultimately change the course of her future.’


    • No, not fake news, but very old. This was published some year ago, when the book about Greta came out. Her mother stated this in the book.
      But seeing CO2 in the air is ridiculous, she should then see the breathing air from humans coming out where the level of CO2 is far more higher than in the air.
      Greta obviosly needs to be taken care of and the PR company around her stopped exploiting her.

  1. A classic case of generational satanism, Greta’s mom, a celebrity and millionaire “miraculously” had a daughter that would be a famed climate activist, riding on yachts with the royal family of Monaco. The illuminati doesn’t allow any lose strings in regards to the people they put in the public eye, they must ensure they are fully filled with demons and devils that will serve as gatekeepers to the mind, keeping Greta in line with Satan’s goals for the end days. How do they fill them with demons……well there is a law as per created by God, when you break the commandments you give demons the legal right to enter you. They would start with incest and rape very early, as God commanded against such. They would have her kill animals and other kids, drink blood, cannibalize them. They would make her cut herself, and blasphemy God and Jesus’ name. Naturally, she also would inherit the demons from her parents as the sins of the forefathers are passed to the third and fourth generation of children per the bible. A very important part is also severe trauma, as when the trauma becomes severe enough, the spirit leaves the body, but like meditating with a blank mind, yoga and clearing your mind, it opens you up for demons to take control of ones mind. All these things give demons the right to inhabit that body. Hypnotism, drugs, astrology, etc all these things are an abomination, and are used to create a completely controlled helpless slave. There are at least 10 million people, if not 100 million people, who occupy your tv, politics, the leaders of ALL industries, the military, the freemasons, and so on that are victims to this process. Its one of the greatest deceptions ever, man has always sought a way to control other mens thoughts, and it has been perfected, only Yahshua (Jesus) can give you the power to discern

    • You can also look into Aleister Crowley’s moon child ceremonies where they will start the satanic rituals while the baby is still in the womb. They jab needles in to traumatize the baby, and always make sure the baby is born prematurely as this naturally causes trauma. These things make it easier to disassociate the mind, which is important in trauma based mind control and satanic ritual abuse

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