HAARP Experiment in California December 6th?

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HAARP has been blamed for some very strange weather in California and the west coast in general over the past few months.

A new article from Before It’s News entitled, “HAARP Array Experiment In Progress Across California” [1], the author states:


HaarpStatusNetwork.com – The array is online and we are experimenting on the upper level jet stream into California. We will be bringing an end to the drought across the state, bringing in numerous storm systems across the area this month. California should have the most rainfall out of any state in the United States for the month of December 2014.

We brought our array online this morning and the focus is 500 miles west of California in the ionosphere. This area is where we will be heating, in attempt to control the upper level jet stream. 350 antenna are currently active in that direction. We will be altering the upper level jet and bringing in further south so that California can be directly aimed at.

Jet Stream Experimental Visualization Tool





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