Hands Up! Cop Aims Gun At Kids For Snowball Fight

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A New York police officer pulled his gun on a group of six teenagers during an innocent snowball fight.

In the video the officer is filmed walking from his patrol car shouting “don’t fucking move, guys!” towards the group of kids playing in the snow.

He orders them to their knees, frisks one of them, whilst pointing his gun at the others.

The Daily Mail reports:

The woman recording the footage then says: ‘They were having a snowball fight – This group of guys was having a snowball fight and now a cop has a gun on them.’

New Rochelle’s police department has so far refused to comment on the video.

According to New Rochelle news blog Talk of the Sound, local sources confirmed that the officer was called to reports of a snowball fight.

The footage shows two police cars, though only one officer can be seen in the clip.

Talk of the Sound reported that the incident probably happened on Wednesday, in the wake of winter storm Juno, and was around the Lincoln Avenue area of New Rochelle.

When contacted by DailyMail.com, the New Rochelle Police Department said it would not comment or release any information on the video until Monday.

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