Fitton: ‘If It’s Safe Enough For Pelosi To Get Her Hair Done, It’s Safe Enough To Vote In Person’

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If it’s safe enough for Nancy Pelosi to get her hair done, then it is safe enough to vote in person,” according to Judicial Watch founder Tom Fitton, who added “the best way to ensure your vote is counted is to vote in person.

Fitton is not the only prominent figure blasting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for being a “hypocrite” for getting her hair washed and blown out inside a San Francisco salon Monday despite coronavirus restrictions.

Many Twitter users agreed with the Judicial Watch chairman, with some pointing out the House Speaker was not even wearing a mask in the hair salon.

Also safe enough for our children to attend schools without masks. She’s not wearing one. Time to open the country for the citizens, not just the country’s “royalty”. “Ok for me, but not for thee,” said Phyllis Booth-Godwin.

I know every time I go to work the polls, it’s consistently just one person at a time. Never seen idk a line of people all crushed into a mid-sized room waiting to vote,” said DeliaC.

Agreed, the pandemic laws should be equal, not for some to break, and everyone else in lockdown!” said Donald Giesler.

President Trump also weighed into the controversy, noting that “Crazy Nancy Pelosi is being decimated for having a beauty parlor opened, while others are closed.”

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