Has Google Earth Accidentally Shown An Egyptian UFO Base?

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An image of a strange V-shaped structure near Cairo, Egypt that can be seen on Google Earth is causing a debate online within the UFO community.

While many think it may be a weird military base, others believe it might be a landing strip used by alien UFO’s.

From a GeoBeats News report:

UFO conspiracy theorists have been busy speculating about a mysterious landmark near Cairo that is visible on Google Earth.

Based on the overhead image, the desert complex appears to consist mostly of a large V-shaped structure with six circular formations placed around it.

A YouTube video uploaded by Secureteam10 starts off by asking if the location is a “mysterious entrance to [a] secret underground base?”

The narrator goes on to say that although some people think it may be a military installation, he thinks there is a resemblance to the Freemason symbol. Meanwhile, others have suggested the possibility of a UFO base or alien landing area.

The Daily Mail quoted one commenter who points out that the structure is fairly close to a large highway, so it may not be the best place to build a secret spot.

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