Hillary Clinton Blasts Putin for Taking His ‘Insecurities ‘Out On Ukraine

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Hillary Clinton tore into Russian President Vladimir Putin on Tuesday, saying he was ‘acting out his own insecurities’ on the people of Ukraine 

“It’s so heartbreaking to me that Putin is acting out his own insecurities, his own resentments and grievances against the people of Ukraine… waging a war against a smaller state that is totally unprovoked,” Clinton said “It really tells us everything we need to know about Putin.”

Clinton made the remarks during an interview with “Morning Joe” co-host Mika Brzezinski

The Mail Online reports: Brzezinski asked Clinton how she thought Putin’s invasion of Ukraine would end.

‘I don’t know how it ends, but I think that probably the person who was most surprised that it is still going on is Vladimir Putin,’ she said. 

‘The level of defense and determination that the Ukrainian people are showing, starting with their president, President Zelensky, going all the way down to, you know, grandmothers and young women taking up arms for the first time to defend their families and their communities – is tragic but inspiring,’ Clinton continued. 

‘And I hope that the world will stay with Ukraine while they try to protect their homeland, and all that they hold dear, including freedom and democracy,’ the former secretary of State added. 

She also pointed out that even though the war is happening ‘far away.’ 

‘It is a war that will affect what kind of world we’re going to live in,’ Clinton pointed out. ‘And that’s why I hope everybody understands why we should be supporting the Ukrainian people going forward.’  

As Tuesday marked International Women’s Day, Brzezinski asked Clinton what was motivating the women of Ukraine to be so resilient. 

‘I think first of all, it is shock,’ Clinton answered.

‘You know, two weeks ago, these people, especially these women, they were taking care of their babies, they were planning their weddings, they were going to work, they were continuting their education,’ she said. ‘And because a leader of a much larger country on their border decided that he wanted to stamp out their way of life, they are now fleeing for safety or standing up against that military force.’   

She suggested that because the Ukrainians were fighting ‘not for an ideology, not for a dictator,’ but for their way of life, they’ve been able to hold Putin’s forces off. 

‘And you can at least as of now, you know, stop this evil force from just wiping you out and ending the way that you had thought about what life would be for you and future generations,’ she said. 

Clinton called it resilience ‘born out of danger and pain.’ 


  1. This from a psychopath that married a serial sex rapist and pervert, together they have killed how many people? Lots of babies had to die to keep this scum from going to hell. Look at the quality of our leaders, we earned everything that going to happen to us.

  2. They’re lucky their audience was raised an Anglo American history and are basically ignorant. Course it wasn’t luck it was meticulous design with intentions. Like her.

  3. I am wondering…..Was the Trump term the “Calm” and we are now going thru the “Storm”. Was Trump in on this senario. When he said “This is the calm before the storm” Hmmmm.

    • It does kinda feel like that. My opinion of politicians, royalty, business leaders is that they are all part of the same cabal. From the original 10 families. You don’t get to be president or prime minister unless you are. Some are more likable than others, like Trump, Kennedy, Princess Diana, etc. They usually die young though, so Trump really is the Trump card. Throw in the Vatican, UN, WHO, CFR, they are all in bed together. They are fighting among themselves about who gets to be on top. As in all families there are fights and feuds, and this is what is playing out, while they present it to us as politics through their propaganda arm of MSM. All the world’s a stage…

  4. Break away state stealing from RUSSIA with only about 50% wanting to break away,Under russian rule from the 1770`s-1991 so there is a long long history of the ukraine being part of russia supply chain issues leading to battle of the EU/UK with russia.america has already sent over 14 billions dollars of our money without any kind of public vote.Total violation of the WILL OF THE PEOPLE.6th largest grain producer in the world gas fuel and metals battle for the spoils of WAR.WAVE THE WHITE FLAG to your homeland RUSSIA

  5. ‘The Crooked One’ – that’s what Putin named her wayback. Now, for Putin to call someone ‘crooked’, ya gotta know there’s something there.

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