President Trump Drafting ‘Enemies List’ of RINO’s to Primary

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President Trump drafting enemies list of RINO's to primary via his new Patriot Party

President Trump is drafting a list of RINO Republicans to primary in the upcoming elections, according to reports.

VP Mike Pence stabbed Trump in the back when he refused to look at the election fraud allegations. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy both came out in the last few days to blame President Trump for the riots at the US Capitol.

Via The Palmieri Report:

Donald Trump is reportedly moving forward with his plans to create a ‘Patriot Party’ to put pressure on Republicans who oppose him and attempt to head off conviction in his second Senate impeachment trial.

Trump has told people that the third-party threat gives him leverage to prevent Republican senators from voting to convict him during the Senate trial next month, people in his orbit told the Washington Post.

Since President Joe Biden took office, Trump has been ensconced at Mar-a-Lago, remaining publicly cryptic about his plans except to tell a reporter on Friday: ‘We’ll do something, but not just yet.’

But behind closed doors, Trump is already drafting an enemies list of Republicans who opposed his baseless claims of election fraud, instructing aids to prepare primary challenges against them, sources told the Post.

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