Scottish Govt To Put Menstrual Products In Men’s Toilets In All Government Buildings

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government put menstrual products in male toilets

Women’s groups have criticised the decision to make sanitary products available in male bathrooms in Scottish government buildings.

Tampons and other sanitary products have been placed in the men’s toilets in case they are needed by transgender civil servants. The move was apparently introduced by the cabinet to top up its equality index.

RT reports: The first country in the world that made sanitary pads and tampons free for all is now also providing them in the male lavatories of governmental buildings. “A varied selection” of traditionally female hygiene products are put in restrooms for men “in those premises where gender neutral facilities do not exist,” The Telegraph reported on Saturday.

The newspaper learned about the controversial new feature from a submission to the LGBT rights group Stonewall, obtained under the Freedom of Information Act.

We ensure we provide free period products in toilets, including all female and visitor toilets, and some male toilets so that anyone can access the free products,” according to a Scottish Government spokesman, quoted by The Telegraph.

Women’s rights activists have already criticised the decision. “That our government is so determined to impose their undocumented and unscientific policy of self-identification of sex on its own staff, rather than just designate some provision ‘gender neutral,’ is deeply troubling,” director of campaign group For Women Scotland, Trina Budge, said.

The news of tampons in men’s loos has also raised eyebrows among the online community. Twitter users called the move a “new insanity,” and suggested the government is “taking resources away from women and girls that genuinely need them.”

How many transmen are employed by [the Scottish Governemnt], and would they use the men’s loos if they were menstruating and in need of a sanitary pad/tampon?,” a commenter wondered, while others agreed the stock-all-loos policy was a waste of time and money

The 209-page document also mentions that the Scottish government has approved a policy suggesting people of any sex may experience menopause. It also allows transgender and non-binary civil servants to drop traditional Mr, Mrs or Ms titles on the government’s computer systems and staff directory, and to use “Mx” instead.


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    If the press wants good ratings … show us just how a t ranny uses these products .. really that would be a hoot !

    • I agree, but for those out there who think a kilt is like a woman’s skirt, just remember that Scotsmen often had a dagger under that kilt! And a kilt is just left over from the way most ancient men everywhere used to dress. It’s a manly thing to wear. However, I read that some Scots schools are starting to require boys to wear the same skirts as girls, and that is perverted. Deuteronomy 22:5–“A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to Yahweh your God.”

        • LMAO… I saw the 1952 Kirk Douglas movie The Big Trees, which also starred Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction). A woman asked him about his weaknesses, and if women were one of them. “Thery’re not for the weak,” he said.

        • lmao… I saw the 1952 Kirk Douglas movie The Big Trees, which also starred Edgar Buchanan (Uncle Joe from Petticoat Junction). A woman asked him about his weaknesses, and if women were one of them. “They’re not for the weak,” he said.

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  4. on the horizon, straight men will have to give oral sex to a gay man to prove they are not homo phobic. this will be a requirement, or they wont be able to have a job or buy or sell.

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