Hillary Clinton Has Won An Emmy

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As executive producers of some documentary, that probably no one saw, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have just become Emmy winners.

According to the Hollywood reporter the former secretary of state and her daughter Chelsea will both receive statuettes after their documentary, about Afghanistan’s youngest female mayor, won at the News and Documentary Emmys on Thursday night:

Hillary Clinton, the former first lady, senator, secretary of state and Democratic party presidential candidate, can now add another feather to her cap: Emmy winner.

Clinton, along with her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, were executive producers of the Netflix documentary In Her Hands, a film about the youngest female mayor in the history of Afghanistan, which on Thursday night was awarded the Emmy for politics and government documentary during the second evening of the 44th News & Documentary Emmy Awards

Chelsea Clinton said she was proud to be part of the team after she and her mother won the Emmy.

Breitbart reports: Does it get any more nepo baby than Chelsea Clinton?

Emmys are just one more in a long line of Golden Calves the corrupt establishment uses to award their own. There were four other nominees, but Hillary and Chelsea got this one because they are Hillary and Chelsea. Neither has any real experience in documentary filmmaking, but they are Hillary and Chelsea, and being Hillary and Chelsea is good enough to win an Emmy.

Nobel Prize, Pulitzer Prize, Golden Globes, Grammys…These Golden Calves are dangled out there to entice political people to sell their souls to the left. And the weak always go for it…Joe Scarborough, Mitt Romney, we’re watching it happen to Dana Perino now…

Come over to the Darkside; we have baubles….

The dumb prizes, this warm feeling of belonging… And none of these people care that merit has nothing to do with their win. Hillary and Chelsea are not being awarded for their documentary any more than Barry Obama was awarded for delivering world peace before he took office, any more than Michelle Obama was awarded for doing such a great job reading her autobiography. Do you honestly believe Michelle Obama’s performance was the very best out of everyone who performs audiobooks?

It’s all about awarding the collective and signaling to weak conservatives that there are prizes to be had for selling your soul.

The whole thing is rigged, and because the right has no equivalent, it feels like we lose a whole lot more than they do. But, honestly, what is the attraction other than the bauble? Would you want to hang out with these people? Would you want to have a beer with Joe Scarborough or break bread with Anderson Cooper? Everyone’s so full of themselves on the Darkside. I might want to hang out with Joe Biden, but only if I get to watch him draw a clock.

Now Hunter Biden…Who wouldn’t want to hang out with Hunter Biden? Sure, you’re gonna lose all the next day at the free clinic, but that Chinese bank wire will make it worthwhile.

Back to the Emmy affirmative action for Chelsea and Hillary…Here’s the funniest part…It’s like that Lia Thomas guy who pretended to be a woman so he could win a bunch of swimming trophies he never could while competing with his fellow men…All the documentarians who lost this Emmy to Hillary and Chelsea can’t say anything. Just like the girls who lost to Mr. Lia Thomas, they have to shut up and take it. They have to stand there with a frozen smile on their face, knowing the whole thing was rigged to give a couple of left-wing harridans a bauble only because their politics are correct.

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