Hillary Clinton: ‘It’s Time To End Free Speech in America and Become More Like Europe’

Fact checked
Hillary Clinton says it's time to end free speech in America

Hillary Clinton has declared that its’ time to end free speech rights in America in order to become more like Europe.

Speaking at an event at Columbia with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Hillary went on an unhinged anti-American, anti-free speech rant to a stunned crowd.

“When you have a media company that is like Facebook and like other platforms who do not care what lies they traffic in as long as they get ad money, you have consequences,” she said.

Slaynews.com reports: Rather than defend America and American exceptionalism she urged other countries in the world, “Don’t go where we went, which was to largely unregulated media with no fairness doctrine, no accountability for lies — unless, of course, these lawsuits against Fox are successful.”

She praised France’s restrictive speech laws: “Probably what really helped Macron was a law in France, which said no coverage of the election 72 hours before. 

“And a lot of the people who we were in on this effort to takedown Macron didn’t know about that law.

“So they started dumping all of this phony information on the Friday before the Sunday election, but because they didn’t know about the law, it got no traction.”

Clinton also told the audience about a conversation with former New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern where Hillary asked why that country had less political polarization than Australia.

“We never let Rupert Murdoch have a television presence,” Ardern said, according to Clinton.

Pelosi tried weakly to go along and, forgetting that if Trump didn’t give Ukraine the javelins Putin would be in Kyiv by now, claimed Vlad feared Hillary more than Trump and he interfered in our election.

She said:

“When Secretary Clinton was in the Senate and First Lady, but especially as Secretary of State in more recent time, she was, she has been, and at that time implemented many things showing America’s support for democracy.

“It was her clarity in position to the President Putin, Occupant Leader of Russia, that made him turn around and ensure in an illegal way come out against her in her campaign.

“Interference in our democracy by Vladimir Putin because Hillary Clinton was the person he feared most in terms of his lack of democracy in Russia.

‘That’s I think self-evidence and thank you for what you have done.”



  1. Such hypocrisy. If you are a true democrat then you support government of the people for the people by the people. You do not support dictators seeking Secrecy and total control over all manner of speech and communication
    There is no way anyone in Americas Congress who supported having a foreign person, a King, an unelected by the people person appointed as Americas Moral Authority for rule of law.being the Pope of the Catholic Church, is a true democrat at all.
    Not at all. There was no Constitiuonal Authority for that by Obama and they all know it There has been no democracy in America ever since The next step obama made deceiving and lying aka propaganda, legal. Americas berm just a fraud of democracy of truth of justice ever since.

    • And in hindsight not one person in Congress has done anything to reverse Obama acts that I’m aware of And not one has tried to reverse California making Satanism a legal religion with all of
      the protections and tax advantages of every church, even the Catholic, one true church, and nor has one Pope or Jesuit General. Not 1.
      Join the dots
      And since Obama legalised lying and deceiving and manipulating by his propaganda act, and since they’ve all in it together facilitated enabled and therefore abetted in the strengthening of Satanism then the prophecy that “in the end times the whole world shall be deceived” which is attributed to Satan the Great Deceiver, you can believe has been fulfilled

  2. Women are crazy. The middle east has it down keeping these crazies in check. We need to squash these people in society.

  3. Hillary Clinton has got to be the wickedest political figure in US history, far exceeding Richard Nixon.

  4. More Importantly, It’s Time To Arrest & Execute Traitors – We Know ‘their’ agenda – Death To Millions Who Won’t Bend The Knee To Protect ‘their’ positions and power…These people Are Animals.

  5. Goodness
    don’t know when the above pic was taken, but look at the bags under the eyes of this bag
    she looks close to the grim reaper.
    Billy keeping her up too late at night?

  6. The ugly old Nazi hag wants to open the Gulag again, too!
    Just like in the good old Nazi U.S.S.R.


    “An association has been formed for the express purposes of
    rooting out all the religious establishments and overturning all existing
    governments . . . the leaders would rule the World with uncontrollable power,
    while all the rest would be employed as tools of the ambition of their unknown

    It has accordingly happened, that the homely Free Masonry
    imported from England has been totally changed in every country of Europe,
    either by the imposing ascendancy of French brethren, who are to be found
    everywhere, ready to instruct the world; or by the importation of the
    doctrines, and ceremonies, and ornaments of the Parisian Lodges.

  8. What made America the most powerful and prosperous nation in the world didn’t come from any ideas from a Clinton.

    So to continue this posterity, we need to flush the Clinton trash down the pipes and continue on course.

  9. Is that actually a picture of Hillary herself? Or is George Soros dressed up as a drag queen? Either way, it’s scary to look at. lol

  10. Most of the world uses WeChat Hillary, and that’s Chinese. We say what we please. Come and get us. Millions of Americans on that as well.

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