Entire Holistic Family, Who Fought Big Pharma, Found Murdered

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Family who ran anti Big Pharma holistic clinic found murdered

An entire family of four who ran a holistic health company fighting Big Pharma, were found murdered at their home in Arizona. 

Police discovered the bodies of Annie and Jason Fairbanks along with their two young children on Saturday. They had all died of gunshot wounds.

According to police, their deaths were the result of a “murder-suicide” and claim that 39-year-old Mr. Fairbanks temporarily lost his mind and shot and killed his wife and children before shooting himself in the back of the head.

Within hours of the November 10th shooting, Sgt. Ben Hoster, Scottsdale Police Department spokesman, claimed that Jason Fairbanks must have committed the crime due to ‘money woes.

According to AZ Central:

The two-story stucco home is in a quiet upper-middle-class neighborhood. Homemade art adorned one of the family’s windows.

When Jason did not show up to work, a co-worker went to the home and discovered the bodies, Hoster said.

Hoster said the couple had been experiencing financial struggles. The two owned a Scottsdale business, Macrotherapy, specializing in physical therapy and rehabilitation.

According to an event page, Annie Fairbanks was a Master CHEK Practitioner and a doctor of holistic nutrition.

Efforts by The Arizona Republic to reach Annie Fairbanks’ family were unsuccessful.

Dr. Fairbanks was one of the most well-respected alternative healers in the US and repeatedly exposed how chemotherapy actually causes cancer cells to spread.

Azcentral.com reports: Laura Fairbanks, Jason’s sister, described her older brother as a protector. She recalled a time when he was in college and flew home to drive her to school and calmly confront a boy who had been causing her problems. He then jumped back on a plane to school.

“He loved his family so much,” Laura Fairbanks said. “He wasn’t a bad person.”

She said he worked seven days a week to provide for his family. However, she knew that funds were not coming in like Jason needed them to.

Growing up, she said the two of them had a strong bond. Although he was a man of few words, she said she could always read between the lines and see how he was really feeling.

“I just wished he had asked for help,” she said. “Jason could make people laugh in ways you never thought you could. He was an extraordinary big brother.”

One of her favorite memories was when her father and Jason would visit her at the restaurant where she worked. She said the two of them would visit daily and make everyone around them laugh.

“They were closer than any father and son could be,” Laura Fairbanks said.

Laura described Annie Fairbanks as someone who was always smiling.

“When you were around her, she just made you feel all right,” she said. “It was just her presence.”

She said Annie was very involved and loved her family.

“(Jason and Annie) moved in together, and a year and half later they were married,” Laura said. “Boy, she loved those kids. She loved them so much.”


  1. MURDERS ……..CIA…………. Catch them and hang them by piano wire on a very very very slowly melting piece of ice When they look like they are dying bring them down until they catch their breath and start all over for twenty hours. The remaining four hours make so much noise that they can’t sleep. Give them a very small glass of water and a half piece of bread. Then start all over for twenty years. Then let the ice melt completely and say they committed suicide.

  2. This family joins a growing list of alternative holistic healers and researchers who have discovered natural cures for most of the diseases that are plaguing society. They are a direct threat to the allopathic Big Pharma/AMA medical protocol which is designed to cause a problem and then offer ‘maintenance’ drugs and therapy as a lifetime solution……..until you die.


      These people were murdered by mercenaries for hire by big pharma – the same ones that killed people in false flag attacks like Vegas and the most recent church shooting – on and on…

      • I used to tramp through the woods a lot when I was a boy and spent a lot of time in the outdoors. A couple of times a poisonous snake was ready to strike at me, and in fact one did. I killed both of them. These “people” are no different than reptiles. They are completely a marinated in evil and destruction, programed like an android, controlled as if they were operated by a remote source.

        As such, rational argument, logic, appeals to humanity, etc., etc., are useless and bounce like tennis balls against a concrete wall. No, the only counteraction to take is elimination and termination for the reptiles. Additionally, the Karma and destruction of lives from these killers has imbalanced the Equation of Life, Action And Reaction, in force and direction.

        Public executions were the norm since the dawn of Man. It has always been presumed and assumed that this “rebalancing ” of the equation was just, normal, and usual. Only in the last few centuries have so-called Humanist ideas overridden common sense and time proven proscriptions and prescriptions. And the device for dispatch should be the guillotine. Efficiency and reliability. Invented by a medical doctor to accomplish the task in a humane, perfect manner. Best execution of execution.

    • Reminds me of Gary Webb in the late 80s early 90s after exposing Iran-Contra-CIA-cocaine smuggling from San Jose Mercury (NEVER SEE THAT TYPE JOURNALISM W/NEWS TODAY), he died of suicide w/ TWO gunshot wounds too the head! Not sure if it was the back but you get the idea………govt all the way, they ARE the war OF terror and the ONLY threat to we the people.

  3. What’s most disconcerting is the immediate reaction by the PoPo. This is no more a murder suicide than Vegas is a lone wolf or the microwaved homes in CA were burnt by wildfires.

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