Hong Kong Grants Nicole Kidman Exemption from Covid Quarantine Rules to Film

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Kidman Hong Kong

Hong Kong residents and visitors are outraged over what appears to be special rules for Hollywood elites and covid restriction rules for everyone else.

Actress Nicole Kidman was given special permission to skip the city state’s coronavirus quarantine rules, which are among the toughest in the world, to film her latest project in the country.

On Thursday Hong Kong’s government said a quarantine exemption has been given to an individual to perform “designated professional work” in the former British colony, the Associated press reported.

The actress is in Hong Kong filming her latest Amazon Prime Video series, ‘The Expats’

Breitbart reports: Unlike others, Kidman has not been required to serve a 21-day mandated quarantine in her hotel room after entering the city. Consequently, the Eyes Wide Shut star flew in from Sydney, Australia, on August 12 and has since been reportedly seen roving about Hong Kong on shopping sprees.

But a backlash to the exemption is forming among residents of the former British protectorate as citizens continue to face travel restrictions, curfews, and other measures related to virus mitigation.

“So we have HK residents who can’t come back if not vaccinated (and even then with 2-3 weeks quarantine), but Nicole Kidman can just enter like this? It’s disgusting!” one Twitter user wrote, according to Deadline.

“Which department gave her the right?” another Twitter user wrote. And another asked, “Who gave her the right to be exempt?”


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